Final Fantasy XIV: Eorzea Academy Manga Is Getting An English Release

See all of your favorite Scions and villains in a brand-new setting.

Did you know that there’s a Final Fantasy XIV manga? Well, sort of. Back in 2021, the FFXIV team revealed Shiritsu Eorzea Gakuen (私立エオルゼア学園, lit. Private Eorzea Academy) during a Live Letter. The spin-off manga, created by Esora Amaichi, transposed the supporting cast of the MMORPG in a new school setting. The comedy manga ran on Square Enix’ Manga Up! Platform since December 2021, ending in December last year.

Now it’s finally getting an official Western release. Square Enix Manga announced the first volume of the series in English. The new official English title is Final Fantasy XIV: Eorzea Academy.

“Alisaie is a high school student attending Eorzea Academy, an exclusive institution created by the merger of former rival schools the Academy of Light and the Academy of Darkness. Though all the students now wear the same uniform, a bitter divide remains between the Class of Light and the Class of Darkness. Worried about the ongoing conflict, headmistress Tataru decides it’s time for some bold solutions to raise morale. Let the school games begin!” says the synopsis of the series.

The first volume will cost $14.99, with a planned release date of September 19, 2023. This should be the only volume of the series, as the physical Japanese volume was released in February in a single book.