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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Exclusive to PS5 Until Near 2022

People hoping for the title on other platforms will have a much longer wait for answers.

The exclusivity window of Final Fantasy VII Remake has always been something of a moving target. When it was first revealed, the trailer proclaimed that the anticipated remake would be “first on PlayStation 4,” implying a timed exclusivity of undefined length. By the time the game released, that timeframe was defined as at least a year, though trailers captioned with “Captured on PC” seemed to send a message about future platforms. Now, with a next-gen version and new content coming soon, the exclusivity has been pushed back even further, with a new trailer stating that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 for at least six months.

The disclaimer comes at the end of the final trailer for Intergrade, which just sort of outright starts with major spoilers for last year’s Final Fantasy VII Remake release, so be aware of that if you haven’t played and are waiting for this version.

A significant portion of the trailer is dedicated to the actual Intergrade content, an added chapter for the PlayStation 5 update. It focuses primarily on Yuffie and new character Sonon, two Wutai soldiers that are infiltrating Midgar for unknown reasons, and apparently connects directly to the next game in the Final Fantasy VII Remake series.

What does this new exclusivity window mean for the game? Well, for one, it means Sony seems literally invested in keeping it locked to their platforms. Six months isn’t a huge window, but it’s an indication that they will likely keep paying for further installments in the series for at least timed exclusivity. While it has never been confirmed that the game will come to other platforms, it seems Sony is keen to ensure any such possibility is as far off as possible.

Intergrade releases on June 10, but the process of getting it might be a bit confusing. If you own Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4, you can get a free upgrade to the PS5 version and can then buy Intergrade (the Yuffie chapter) as DLC. If you claimed Final Fantasy VII Remake as part of PS+ a few months ago, you’re outta luck, as that version does not support upgrading to the PS5 update. In that instance, and all other instances, the cheapest cost of entry is a $70 new purchase of the whole thing on PS5. Or maybe just finding a cheap copy of Remake on PS4.

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