Final Fantasy 7 Remake Unveils Very Cursed Summons, The Doggo, and More

We learn that Tifa kicks butt, Cloud can save cats, and Chocobo Chicks are extremely cursed in the latest PlayStation Blog on Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

While Final Fantasy 7 Remake is getting released on some extra borrowed time, that’s not stopping Square Enix from keeping the hype up. (Though admittedly, Square Enix fans can do that on their own.) This time, thanks to PlayStation Blog, we’ve got more details on some of what FF7 Remake players, nostalgic or new, will encounter in the game.

This blog shows off the very good doggo Red XIII, who appeared in the last trailer, plus Tifa’s gameplay, some side questing to be done, and some extremely unfortunate summons.

Tifa’s Battle Gameplay

For those interested in the battle gameplay, we already knew that Tifa would make a big-time comeback. Now, we know more about how Tifa’s aggressive martial arts style translates from the classic edition into the remake.

As with every character, Tifa gets unique attacks that reflect her style. Whirling Uppercut strikes enemies and launches them into the air, and Omnistrike is a good ol’ shoulder slam. Rise and Fall is a classic combo attack with “a series of brutal kicks, and [Tifa] finishes with a powerful striking fist.”

When her attack bar is filled, she gets to pick from one of a few special abilities. Her True Strike shifts the enemy in front of her so she can lay down the hits properly. She also has a stylish dive kick that would probably look great as a finishing combo move.

This may not be everything Tifa has in store, so fans can keep an eye out for what’s to come.

Quests & Materia Progression

Of course, like in any good JRPG, there’s quite a bit of grinding available for leveling fans, if you want to reach your full potential and squash future bosses.

“Mercenary Quests” are the side quest system in FF7 Remake. As the PlayStation blog describes it, “Cloud can help out the many people across Midgar, including local merchants. These tasks are varied — he’ll be asked to deal with anything, from taking out troublesome monsters to finding lost cats.” Hopefully, we will encounter many, many lost cats, and Cloud will hold these cats tenderly before storing them gently for a safe return.

And meanwhile, Hojo’s not all bad (though he’s done some real crap, that’s for sure). His 15-year-old apprentice Chadley may ask you to help in his research for Materia. The blog describes quests such as “making a certain number of enemies burst” or to Assess Materia a number of times. In return, you’ll be able to buy new Materia, a helpful upgrade for those who want to play with their builds.

chocobo chick final fantasy 7 remake ff7 ffvii


“The Chocobo Chick may look cute” is how the PlayStation Blog starts a sentence off. But here’s my question: Are you really sure about that? It looks more like Cloud’s hairstylist got their hands on this child and tired to do its best. Or the chick is in Super Saiyan mode. Wrong game for that one, chief. Apparently it’s pretty powerful, though, and is only available through FF7 Remake pre-orders.

final fantasy 7 remake ff7 ffvii carbuncle

There’s also the Carbuncle, which is a weird cat-looking thing that also has an impossibly large head? By all standards? Maybe that’s where it hides all its secrets. Anyway, it’s available for the next upgrade up.

And if you want something genuinely classic, the Cactuar returns as a summon. It and its needle attack are available for the Deluxe Editions and the 1st Class Edition.

(…I’m still disturbed by Carbuncle.)

final fantasy 7 remake ff7 ffvii red xiii 13

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More Classic Characters Return

While the latest trailer for FF7 Remake showed these characters, PlayStation Blog figured you may want to see them again, I guess. I’m too young to have played the original FF7, so I’m diving into this with the absolute minimal context. The context being this blog and the trailer.

For instance, Hojo, the scientist, who… do we have an opinion on him? Whatever the case, it looks like he did bad things that propelled the plot of the story, so he’s… bad? But he’s important? Because he did some work that led to the main plot of the game?

There’s also Red XIII, our strange doggo friend. Apparently he was just trapped in Hojo’s lab and ends up rescued eventually. And he seems pretty chill. Do we call human-dogs good boys or is that just kind of weird? Chances are we’ll fight alongside him, though, so he’s a good friend, at the very least.