FFXIV’s Next Deep Dungeon, Eureka Orthos, Comes in Patch 6.35

Those waiting for leveling options outside of the main scenario quests and Duty Finder will be rewarded.

This morning, during the 74th Live Letter from Producer, Final Fantasy XIV creative director and lead producer Naoki Yoshida revealed a glimpse of the upcoming Deep Dungeon. In the past, players have used the previous Deep Dungeons, Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High, to level subsequent jobs. It can be mindless but is sometimes preferable to doing quests and Duty Finder. 

The next Deep Dungeon will be called Eureka Orthos. The single screenshot shown highlighted something like the Allagan tech found in the Binding Coil of Bahamut raids or a region like Azys Lla. What secrets will we uncover in the newest iteration of the Deep Dungeon?

Despite the name, Eureka Orthos will operate like the previous Deep Dungeon concept. Players can tackle these solo or in a group of up to four others. You’ll face off against multiple randomized floors of enemies and encounters, meeting a boss every 10 floors.

Eureka Orthos Third Deep Dungeon Details

Much like Heaven-on-High, you’ll need to have completed a few prerequisites before you can enter Orthos. First, you’ll need to have completed the main scenario quest “Endwalker”. Second, you need to be on a job that is Level 81 or higher. Once those requirements are checked off, you’ll be able to enter Eureka Orthos. 

Despite this Live Letter being for Patch 6.3, Eureka Orthos isn’t releasing until Patch 6.35. That means even when Patch 6.3 drops in early January 2023, you’ll have to wait sometime before you can jump into the next Deep Dungeon. 

We’ll have more from today’s Live Letter From Producer right here on Fanbyte’s The Linkshell!