FFXIV Special Site Update Shows The Aetherfont’s New Crystal Bear Boss

The brand-new image also highlights the recolored gear we can expect during the patch.

The next Live Letter from the Producer is quickly approaching for Final Fantasy XIV, and will cover all things Patch 6.4. The patch is scheduled to drop some time in late May, but there are still more details to deliver. Today, Square Enix updated the Special Site for the patch, giving us a look at one boss and, potentially, some associated gear.

The new image (shown above) shows one of the bosses of the all-new Aetherfont dungeon. A previous image showed a set of polar bears milling about the tundra in front of a glowing crack in the world. It seems one of the bears has been mutated by the mysterious energy. The image shows a humanoid polar bear with veins of blue and purple crystal sprouting from its body.

The image also shows some of the gear that will likely drop from the dungeon. All of it looks to be recolors of existing gear. For example, the Marauder is wielding a recolored Ktiseos War Axe, while the Monk, White Mage, and Machinist are using similarly-recolored weapons from the same set. The armor is a golden iteration of the Deepshadow set, which you could get for tomestones in Shadowbringers. While you can no longer get the original set, you can still purchase the Augmented Deepshadow gear—which is dyeable—for Sacks of Nuts from Xylle in The Crystarium (X: 9.4, Y: 9.5) or Ilfroy in Eulmore (X: 11.0, Y: 10.8).

FFXIV Nidhana Moon

Finally, there’s a second image showing Nidhana and perhaps a crew of her peers on Mare Lamentorum. Is it our moon, or the one that appears on the Thirteenth, where Warriors of Light will likely face off against Goblez in the new Trial? We’ll have to wait and see!

Currently, players are in the middle of a Moogle Treasure Trove event, which allows you to trade Irregular Tomestones of Mendacity for some cool mounts. Enjoy it while we wait for the upcoming Live Letter on May 12 and the upcoming patch!