FFXIV’s Final Pandemonium Raid Is Called Anabaseios

During this morning's Live Letter, we got the name for the final Pandemonium raid.

Today marked the latest Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter from the Producer. FFXIV lead producer and creative director Naoki Yoshida was joined by global community producer Toshio “Foxclon” Murouchi. The Live Letter focused on Patch 6.4, which will feature the last wing of the Pandemonium raid series.

Following Asphodelos and Abyssos, the final wing of Pandemonium is Anabaseios. Pandemonium Anabaseios got a pair of preview screenshots, one showing a blue fountain of energy and another highlighting an enemy (shown above). Yoshida said the white-clad foe reminds him of the Orphenoch enemies from Kamen Rider Faiz.

FFXIV Pandemonium Anabaseios Slide

As always, the Savage version will come a week after Patch 6.4’s launch. What secrets will the Ancients reveal in this last raid? Where is the story of Lahabrea’s family heading? Eight more circles await as we head to the bottom.

If you want more information from this morning’s Live Letter, we have it all right here on Fanbyte!

FFXIV Pandemonium Anabaseios Preview 1