FFXIV Online Store Lets You Get Into Spirit of Gaia

The Online Store updates with gear that recalls a Shadowbringers favorite.

Generally, when we provide an update on the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store, it’s usually involving a seasonal item returning. You can always pick up seasonal items a year later if you happen to miss them the first time around, like the 2022 Heavensturn or All Saints’ Wake gear. Occasionally though, you get brand-new items like the Fat Cat Attire or Street Clothes.

This week, the store has updated with new optional items that are wholly-unique. The Online Store has added Gaia’s Attire, which allows players to look like the distinctive goth-themed character. Who is Gaia? Well if you skipped over Eden, the Shadowbringers raid, then you may be completely in the dark about her. She’s a mysterious figure with ties to the Flood of Light on the First, which brings her into the orbit of Ryne, that world’s Oracle.

FFXIV Gaia Attire

The Online Store item allows players to wear Gaia’s dress, as designed by Square Enix veteran character designer Tetsuya Nomura. The dress is a single item that’ll cost you $12.00. Unfortunately, the dress itself is gender-locked, so only female player characters can wear it. A shame, as the FFXIV team has been doing so well on this front.

Certain jobs can also pick up a version of Gaia’s weapon, Hyposkhesphyra. (Say that three times fast.) There are versions of the hammer for Paladin, Warrior, Dragoon, Dark Knight, Reaper, White Mage, and Black Mage. Each will cost you $3.00 on their own, or you can get the whole set of seven for only $9.00.

If you’re more interested in Ryne’s dress, you can find that on the Online Store as well. The Oracle Attire also costs $12.00 and comes with three items: Oracle Top, Oracle Pantalettes, and the Oracle Leggings.