FFXIV North American Server Expansion Coming in November, More Housing On the Way

The new Dynamis data center will start small and grow for Patch 7.0.

There’s never enough space in Final Fantasy XIV. The MMO continues to be popular, bringing in new players, while the existing community also expands to fill the space. There are still queues on specific servers during prime time and there remains a gap between those who want housing and those who can actually obtain it.

As previously announced, the FFXIV team is still focused on expanding the current server infrastructure. The process began with the addition of the Oceania data center in January, giving players in places like Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea their own servers. The Japanese region received the new Meteor data center with Patch 6.18. 

The expansion of the North American data center was originally planned for August 2022, but that was delayed back in July. During this evening’s Live Letter, the team revealed more details on the expansion. The new logical data center will be called Dynamis, coming on November 1, 2022. There’s a distinct possibility that data center expansion maintenance could be 24 hours. 

FFXIV Dynamis North American

The server will feature four new worlds:

  • Halicarnassus
  • Maduin
  • Marilith
  • Seraph

For those transferring over to the new servers purely for housing, the housing lottery for these servers will begin on November 5, 2022. According to a translation by the excellent FFXIV Discord server, director and creative producer Naoki Yoshida mentioned that there are only four new servers because they expect the playerbase to grow with Patch 7.0. They’re saving a seat at the table for potential servers when that possibility becomes a reality.

Yoshida also said that the team is working on adding brand-new housing plots, but they haven’t finalized the schedule yet. That means there’s perhaps some hope for players that aren’t looking to transition to Dynamis. 

While we’re waiting for the North American server expansion and Patch 6.25, there’s still a ton to do in FFXIV. There’s still the Island Sanctuary, all-new PVP rewards, and the Pandaemonium Abyssos raids. Also, it’s probably time to finish up the old Manderville quests in preparation for the upcoming Relic Weapon quest.