FFXIV’s Next Myths of the Realm Alliance Raid Is Euphrosyne

Face off against the Twelve once more.

Today marked the 74th Live Letter from Producer for Final Fantasy XIV. Today’s date also marks the 10th anniversary of A Realm Reborn, when the original FFXIV servers went down to launch the new game. We’ll have to wait until 2023 to really celebrate that event, however.

In the meantime, the Live Letter covered everything about Patch 6.3 and a few bits of Patch 6.35. The former patch is coming sometime in early January 2023. Notably, there will be another wing of the current Alliance Raid, Myths of the Realm.

The name of the wing will Euphrosyne. Combined with the first wing, Aglaia, it’s clear that all of the Myths of the Realm wings are named after the three Graces of Greek mythology. That means the last wing will likely be called “Thalia.” 

FFXIV creative director and lead producer Naoki Yoshida said that the team is just now beginning to balance the raid. Which gods of the Twelve will be face in the next wing? Some are guessing the next four will be Nophica, Althyk, Halone, and Menphina, but we’ll see!

The previous leg of Myths of the Realm, Aglaia, is still out there for those that want to deep dive into FFXIV’s mythology. It pits the Warrior of Light against a few of the Twelve, the gods that underpin Eorzea’s culture. Already, we’ve faced off against the namesakes behind Rhalgar’s Reach and the city of Ul’dah. If you want to know more, we also have a full lore dive on the raid!