Paladin, Gunbreaker, and Warrior Buffs Lead FFXIV Job Changes for Patch 6.4

The Dark Knight damage is too high!

Today marked the 77th Letter from the Producer Live for Final Fantasy XIV. Among all the additional details about the patch, which is releasing on May 23, 2023, the familiar faces of creative director Naoki Yoshida and global community producer Toshio “Foxclon” Murouchi dived into a few of the job changes coming soon.

The pair noted that while there will be changes to each job, these changes won’t involve any differences in rotation. Instead, the changes will be focused on damage balance within the roles. Specifically, Yoshida noted that the team has received a lot of feedback about Dark Knight in Japan, so the damage of the other three tanks—Paladin, Gunbreaker, and Warrior—will be buffed to compensate.

Second, the team decided to increase the range of several party buffs to 30 yalms. The range increase will be for actions that increase party damage or reduce incoming damage, so Black Mages shouldn’t expect Ley Lines to increase in range. Heal range will not be affected by this change.

There were a few details on other changes as well. Yoshida said that they expected to have Dragoon changes in Patch 7.0 for the expansion, but instead, the team decided to move the fixes into Patch 6.4. Now when Dragoons use Jump or High Jump, their position won’t actually change server-side. It will still give the visual appearance of the character jumping, but player coordinates won’t be moving, so no more jumping in area-of-effect attacks.

There will be further job changes, but Yoshida is leaving those for the patch notes. You can find the rest of the details from today’s Live Letter right here on Fanbyte.