Outdoor Furnishings are Coming to Final Fantasy XIV’s Island Sanctuaries, but Not in the Way You Might Expect

If you were hoping that your inventories would be rid of outdoor furnishings you've been holding onto, you're out of luck.

Final Fantasy XIV players have been asking for a solution to player housing for ages. By far the most suggested solution has been instanced player housing, if for no other reason than so that those who have been holding onto outdoor furnishings in hopes of getting a house can have a place to store them.

When Island Sanctuaries were introduced, players saw the perfect opportunity to use their outdoor furnishings in place of instanced player housing. There are a great number of people who have clogged up retainers with outdoor furnishings that they don’t want to get rid of in case they get a house one day. Those people are out of luck, because the way Island Sanctuary outdoor furnishing works does not allow for a storage option. Players will still need to keep the items in their inventories if they want to hold onto it until they get housing.

Outdoor furnishings for Final Fantasy XIV‘s Island Sanctuaries will use the glamour system, meaning players need Island Prisms in order to place decorations. This enables players to place as many of the furnishing as they want for Prisms instead of having to buy or craft every item, but it also does nothing for players who have a retainer bursting with outdoor decorations just waiting for a home.

Island Prisms aren’t hard to come across, they are crafted by any Disciple of the Hand class, and are found in level nine Master Recipe Books. As long as players have the Prisms to spend, they can place as many of the item as they want, so long as it’s in their inventory. The decoration doesn’t need to stay anywhere in order for the item to be used again in the Island Sanctuary, Island Prisms are the only thing required to duplicate it. The Island’s ‘glamour dresser’ has 120 slots in it so players can choose what items they’d like to keep on hand.

Although players won’t be able to clear out their packed inventories of outdoor decorations, they will have the opportunity to decorate their Island Sanctuaries, and knowing the community, there are bound to be more than a few creative landscapes since they will have 90 slots to play with.

Island Sanctuaries are getting more updates with Patch 6.4, but the outdoor furnishings is by far one of the most requested. With the content update, there will be more handicrafts, animals, crops, gatherable ingredients, and more coming when the patch drops on May 23.