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FF7R Director Says Series Anniversary Stream "Packed in Lots of Information"

Square Enix has a FFVII anniversary stream planned for next week, and we're all hoping it's for a FF7R Part 2 reveal.

Square Enix has announced an FFVII anniversary stream for next week, and fans are hoping it’s related to an FF7R part 2 release date. While the publisher hasn’t given the specifics just yet, we can all watch the celebration for more adventures through Gaia on June 16 at 3 pm EDT/6 pm EDT.

The official Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter announced the celebration just in time to get our hopes up for the weekend, noting that the stream will only last for “around 10 minutes.” There’s no specific mention of any projects Square Enix plans to showcase, but the FF7R account and a comment from part one director Tetsuya Nomura immediately led to fan speculation we could see a date reveal on part two.

“We will be streaming ‘FINAL FANTASY VII 25th Anniversary Celebration,'” Nomura said. “At only around 10 minutes long, it will be short and sweet, but we have packed in lots of information, so I hope everyone can look forward to the unveiling.”

In Nomura’s own words, that presentation is “packed with lots of information,” and that’s plenty to get my Aerith and Tifa fangirl heart fluttering. In a translation via RPG Site, we already saw a little tease from Nomura who promised an anniversary event but mused he didn’t know what he could share at the moment. There are plenty of FFVII games already cooking, so Square Enix could be very well planning more mobile news for First Soldier, or other projects yet to be revealed.

Back in February 2021, we learned that Nomura would not direct the next part of Final Fantasy VII Remake, he’ll remain involved as the creative director and still give it that Nomura-flare. You’ll be able to watch the Square Enix broadcast next Thursday via the publisher’s official YouTube and Twitch accounts and see if the creative director follows through on that “short and sweet” promise.

Regardless of who’s making what and when and whether or not this gives us an FF7R part 2 release date, I’ll forgive Square Enix for any non-Remake related sins if they just give us a little more Zack. I’m pleading for his Crisis Core PSP adventure to get a remake, a port to PC, or just any version of his story that can reintroduce that arc to a modern audience. It’s crushing in the best ways, and I miss my boy.

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