Everything We Know About Salmon Run In Splatoon 3

New hours, new paychecks, and new freaky looking Salmonids.

Yesterday, Nintendo revealed a few new details about what Salmon Run, Splatoon’s horde mode, will look like in Splatoon 3 via a Twitter thread. While some players initially criticized the mode in Splatoon 3 for being too similar to Splatoon 2, Nintendo is finally now revealing some interesting details about the changes it’s made, and it looks like Grizzco has done some serious restructuring (though I’m not sure if this includes fairly compensating its workers for Salmonid-induced trauma). 

Here’s a roundup of everything that Nintendo has announced about Salmon Run Next Wave in Splatoon 3.

It’s Open 24/7

Perhaps the most anticipated change to Salmon Run in Splatoon 3 is its new hours. Finally, Nintendo has confirmed that players will have access to Salmon Run shifts at all hours of the day. This might violate some labor laws, but I’ll let it slide.

Grizzco Did Some Renovating

Salmon Run’s lobby in Splatoon 2 was an abysmally cramped room filled with drab fishing gear, and it seems that Grizzco’s headquarters in Splatoon 3 has finally received a nice little makeover with more space and slightly less dreadful lighting. Similar to the new multiplayer lobby, it looks like players might be able to wander around freely inside to talk to Mr. Grizz or retrieve payment from the bonus window. There are also lockers in the back, though it’s not clear if these will function like the lockers in the multiplayer lobby or if they’re purely decorative.

Players will also now be able to warm up while waiting for Salmon Run sessions to start in a neat little break room. As shown off on Nintendo’s Twitter, the break room has its own egg basket to practice egg throws and Salmonid-esque practice dummies that presumably drop eggs.

Heftier Paychecks

While Splatoon 2 had some neat Grizzco-exclusive clothes for players who played Salmon Run frequently, Splatoon 3 is taking Salmon Run paychecks to the next level. Now, players will earn Fish Scales, a new type of currency that seems to have bronze, silver, and gold variants. 

Fish Scales can be traded in for four categories of items: work suits, decorations, stickers, and banners. It seems that stickers and decorations are for the game’s locker system, while banners are for profile customization. Work suits are a new addition to the game — it looks like players will be able to purchase different colors of Salmon Run’s traditional fishing suits to wear during shifts. You’ll even be able to fight Salmonids in a baby pink fishing suit if that’s your style — underpaid laborer chic!


New Salmonids

Salmon Run Next Wave is filled with new Boss Salmonids that players will need to learn to take down to earn golden eggs. Last year, Nintendo revealed the Fish Stick, which consists of a bunch of tiny Salmonids flying around a large column that remains on the map for the wave’s duration. There’s also the Flipper-Flopper, which throws rings of ink to get its foes stuck and then dives at them.

In last month’s Splatoon 3 Direct, Nintendo also revealed the Slammin’ Lid and the Big Shot. The Slammin’ Lid is a strange UFO-like lid that rains down smaller Salmonids, protects them with a barrier, and squashes anybody who enters this barrier. The Big Shot uses a cannon to shoot projectiles that release shockwaves (similar to Splatoon 3’s new Wave Breaker special). This cannon, however, can be repurposed to shoot golden eggs across the map.

There’s one more known type of Salmonid in the mix, but it’s pretty rare. Cohozuna, the King Salmonid we saw in the Splatoon 3 Direct, is a massive boss that occasionally shows up after the third wave. While King Salmonids can be damaged by normal shots, shooting golden eggs at these bosses does a lot more damage. (Luckily, failing this bonus wave doesn’t disqualify players from earning the rewards from the previous three waves.)

Throwing Eggs!

Nintendo revealed this feature right when it showed off Salmon Run Next Wave for the first time, and it’s a pretty neat feature that’ll likely become a key component of Salmon Run’s gameplay. Finally, players are now able to throw golden eggs to each other. Hopefully, this new ability won’t lead to too many uncooperative teammates throwing eggs into the water.

New Modes

During the Splatoon 3 Direct, Nintendo also briefly mentioned Big Run, an event where Salmonids invade standard multiplayer maps. Nintendo hasn’t revealed many other details about Big Run, though it only happens every few months, so it’ll likely include some neat rewards. 

There’s also a new Hazard Level. Players who master Salmon Run’s new mechanics in Splatoon 3 will be able to work their way up to a new level after Profreshional: Eggsecutive VP. According to this tweet, players who are at this rank will be at risk of entering a shift with a Hazard Level of 333%… terrifying.