Everything From Today’s Pokemon Presents: Scarlet, Violet, Legends: Arceus, Unite, and Go

It was mostly the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet show, but there's a few more goodies.

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company celebrated the 26 year anniversary of its original Red and Green RPGs with another Pokemon Presents livestream—a broadcast that included yet another open-world game reveal for 2022.

That big surprise was Game Freak’s Generation 9 announcement, which is, of course, a thing we all knew was coming but probably didn’t expect in a year that already saw the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The rest of the stream was mostly relegated to in-game events for other games, but the good news is most of those things are available today.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

For all of twenty seconds, I was pretty excited over thinking this was a Detective Pikachu reveal (it wasn’t). Pokemon’s next mainline RPG will continue the open-world format with Generation 9, as today’s announcement footage of Scarlet and Violet included shots of wandering Pokemon, zone-to-zone transitions, and new areas that look like they may be inspired by Spain. This one is obviously the biggest beat to come out of the show, and we’ve got info on all of the new starters up already, but its late 2022 launch is just as much a surprise as the initial reveal.

These games do trend on the same, every few year launch pattern, but Scarlet and Violet come just on the heels of Legends: Arceus. I had assumed Legends meant we wouldn’t see anything on Gen 9 for a while, at least not until late next year when you also factor in the COVID pandemic, but here we are.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Daybreak Update

The other open-world Pokemon, Legends: Arceus, has a new update available right now. Version 1.1, Daybreak, brings a new mystery request with “mass outbreaks” of ‘mons and encounters with Legendaries. In the Eternal Battle Reverie,  Arceus visits Trainers in a dream world for a battle of endurance, testing how many Pokemon wins you can chain together.

The Training Grounds also get new challenges in Path of Solitude or Path of Tenacity, but there’s quite a bit to tackle in the Massive Mass Outbreaks quest chain before unlocking those. The photography studio, balloon race, and a couple of other odds and ins are also among the things mentioned in today’s patch notes. Even for folks not in a hurry to test out the new features, make sure you redeem the in-game code ‘ARCEUSADVENTURE‘ for Ultra, Gigaton, and Jet Balls. The item bundle is up for grabs until March 31.

It all made for a neat little update but squashed between this beat, and the next was the announcement for a new Pokemon online animated series set in the Hisui region. TPC says it should launch later in 2022.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Pokemon’s Diamond and Pearl remakes have a new Mystery Gift out today. Using the Get via Internet option in the Mystery Gift menu nets Trainers the Oak’s Letter item, which you can take to him on Route 224. The subsequent quest chain nets you a Shaymin for completion; just make sure it’s all wrapped up before the event ends on March 27.

Pokemon Unite, Go, Masters EX, and Cafe

The mobile Pokemon games are all celebrating the anniversary with events beginning today. In Pokemon Unite, everyone can go try out mythical Pokemon Hoopa for a limited time and work towards earning its license. There’s also a log-in event giving out in-game rewards until March 14, ultimately scoring you a Pokemon Day outfit set. Unite’s last celebratory addition, Full-Fury Battles, bring a new type of quick mode to the MOBA. Duraludon also got a roster tease, but its reveal didn’t bring it to the game today.

Niantic also had a little something for Pokemon Go, announcing that Sun and Moon’s Alola ‘mons will start popping up on March 1. That’s not as soon as the other updates, but Alolan Form Exeggutor should appear in-game in the lead-up to the next update. Then there’s the Trainer-focused mobile game, Masters EX, which is giving out 3,000 Gem packages and adding limited Pokemon Day variants for May, Skyla, and Raihan.

Finally, Pokemon Cafe Remix rounds out the day with a series of three events, all of which end in March. Rewards include an outfit for Bulbasaur, encounters with Shiny Piplup, and a limited time with the new delivery feature.