Everything From the Devsisters Online Showcase — Including 3 New Cookie Run Games

Cookie Run, Cookie Run, and more Cookie Run.

Devsisters, the developers behind mobile hits Cookie Run: OvenBreak and Cookie Run: Kingdom, hosted an hour-long showcase yesterday evening, chock-full of announcements, updates, and some very heartfelt thanks. There’s a lot to be excited about here, so let’s get right into that delicious cookie news.

Co-Chief Producers Lee Eunji and Cho Kil-hyeon came out to announce planned updates to the game, the screen behind them filling with heavily-requested features like more PVP modes and mini games. While there were quite a few different items listed, they specifically highlighted Kingdom decoration presets — a feature that will allow us to easily switch between different Kingdoms we’ve designed. No longer will we have to spend hours redecorating for the holidays!

Here are all the planned improvements for Cookie Run: Kingdom:

  • Buffs for Landmarks to remain while in storage
  • Care system for new and returning players
  • Balance changes for produced materials
  • Adjustments for lesser-used Cookies
  • Guild Battle: Full release from beta
  • More slots/Additional team setups
  • Kingdom Arena improvements
  • Decor storage improvements
  • Kingdom decoration presets
  • New Kingdom facility: Mine
  • Diversified battle difficulty
  • More guild decor access
  • New upgrade system
  • Mini game events
  • Easier production
  • New PVP modes

Additionally, they briefly addressed where the next chapter of Cookie Run: Kingdom’s story will go: the Crème Republic. It’s a city-state across the sea formed by cookies fleeing the Vanilla Kingdom during the Dark Flour War, and has been mentioned briefly in lore and stories thus far. It looks like we’ll be visiting some locations related to Madeleine and Espresso Cookie, who both reside there.

Next up, Chief Producer Bae Hyoungook joined a small group of developers to tease some upcoming content. We got a bit of insight into the Cookie design process — once a year, the artists come together to create a massive batch of cookies, which they refer to as “Cookiethon.” Concept art, presumably from the last Cookiethon, filled the screen, even showing some never-before-seen Cookies. One in particular piqued the designers’ interest: the soon-to-be released Lychee Dragon Cookie. She’ll join the ranks of Pitaya, Ananas, and Lotus to make 4 of the 5 Legendary Dragons. We’ll also get a look at the soothsaying Ivory Dragon when the Cookie Run: OvenBreak Season 7 update hits later this year.

There was one tiny little line that caught my attention, too. While showcasing his level creation tools, Game Designer Ku (who was recruited after ranking #1 on the leaderboards, which is incredible) casually mentioned that Devsisters are considering adding a mapmaker, so fans can create and share their own levels. Look out, Mario Maker.


Cookie Run, as a brand, is growing into a global sensation. They clearly know it and are willing to put all their force behind it, because Devsisters announced not one, not two, but three new games during the event: Witch’s Castle, Project B, and OvenSmash.

This next entry is a tile-matching game with decoration elements, and of course, new Cookies. It looks like we’ll be clearing stages to unlock furniture and other decor for our Cookies’ rooms — but that’s not all. A large selling point of this side game is more lore to do with the ominous Witch(es?) who create our beloved Cookies. While the same bright, cheery, colorful Cookies are here, the setting and story of Witch’s Castle is looking pretty scary, to say the least!


Now here’s what we’ve all been waiting for: co-op! Neither Kingdom nor OvenBreak have true co-op, so it’s a natural move to let us play with our friends. This will still be a mobile game, but with a new 3D art style and real-time action that emphasizes the Cookies’ special abilities. The development team is focusing on simple controls and “[delivering] the awesome characteristics of the Cookies.” The brief gameplay reveal showed four Cookies teaming up against a powerful foe, not unlike a raid boss or dungeon in an MMO. They also showed off new Cookies Icicle, Maple, and Calamansi. Yes, there’s a lumberjack cookie now. Everyone say, “Thank you, Devsisters.”


In a move I can only describe as objectively correct, Devsisters is also entering the competitive team PVP, PVPVE, and solo battle royale markets — and they’re doing it all with one game. Returning Cookies have had their abilities reworked and brand-new ultimate abilities added to help them fit this MOBA environment. The elements also play a huge role here, with Cookies able to hide in bushes, set them ablaze, and extinguish themselves with water. OvenSmash will be available for PC users this winter, and will later come to mobile and consoles. No word on crossplay yet.


And to go along with that big brand push, how about a global store and international shipping? There’s a decent amount of merch on offer, like plushies, notebooks, pens, pins, an art book, and a little toy brick castle. Shoppers who create an account will receive 15% off their order within the next two weeks. And if you’re a bit tight on funds at the moment, you can enter their opening celebration raffle and pray.


Devsisters brought us My Cookie Run, which sounds like a game, but seems more like an initiative. Co-Chief Producers Sarah No and Myung Rohjoon described it as “a platform for all Cookie Run fans across the globe,” and a place where fans can connect with Devsisters to make sure our comments and concerns are heard. While they granted our main wish of international merch shipping, they also addressed the loremaster fans with the announcement of a Webtoon series. First up is a noir comic for Almond Cookie titled BAD DOG DAY, which follows Almond’s life as a detective, featuring both fast-paced action and heartfelt scenes between Almond and his daughter Walnut.


That’s it for Cookie Run news, but they’re putting that cookie money to good use by announcing two more new games, both original IPs.

Brixity (Late 2022)

In the year 2522, the Earth is officially toast as a result of climate change. The human race is forced to evacuate to Mars, but they never forget their beloved blue planet. They develop BRIX, a construction technology that can restore life to the Earth. It’s our duty as Brixmasters to return to Earth and build a bunch of cool stuff to bring it back, using a mixture of prebuilt and handmade buildings. It looks like we’ll be able to visit each other’s cities, too, so this could potentially fill the void that Animal Crossing: New Horizons has left behind.


Dead Cide Club

I never thought I’d see a viewer discretion warning in a Devsisters showcase, but here we are. Dead Cide Club is a battle royale sidescroller, dropping players into monster-infested suburban areas and forcing them to battle it out until only one remains. Killing monsters grants you gold, which you can use to buy weapons and supplies.  Don’t think that this game takes itself too seriously, though — the presence of a robust character creator and some pretty goofy customization options help it stand out, if only just. I’m not entirely sold, but there’ll be a free closed beta period beginning April 22nd on Steam to help us decide.