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Everybody Shut Up, Mass Effect Remasters Have Been Listed by a Portuguese Retailer

Give me Kaidan Alenko on my Switch.

After months of rumors and reports circulating online, the Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered collection is showing up on a retailer’s website for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and surprisingly enough, Nintendo Switch.

The listings appeared on Portuguese retailer Gaming Replay, which have since been taken down. But we have the internet, so there’s Google caches of all three listings: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch. Notably, the Switch version was listed as slightly cheaper, coming in at 49,99 €  rather than the 59,99 € of the other two systems. But more than that, what’s most interesting is that the listing includes Switch as all, as even reports going back as far as May said not to expect the remasters of Bioware’s science fiction trilogy to come to Nintendo’s console/handheld hybrid. Not at first, at least. Gaming Replay listed each of these for an October launch, which lines up with more recent reports by GamesBeat that the trilogy collection would both be announced and launched next month.

After reports of a Mass Effect Trilogy remaster started spreading earlier this year, it came as a surprise that the collection (or anything substantial related to Bioware, really) wasn’t present at this year’s digital EA Play event. This even resulted in GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, who broke the story back in May, speculating that the ports might have been affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has been hurting game development across the board and resulting in multiple delays as teams adapt to working from home. But given that these listings were prematurely posted and say it’s on track for October, development might still be going as smoothly as it can.

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The Mass Effect trilogy is my favorite game series, so I’m excited to play them again on a modern system, especially if the Switch listing is legitimate, because having those three games on the go and just always readily available sounds like a dream. I still own an 11-year-old Xbox 360 for the sole purpose of having a place to play those games, so it will be great to have them on something current. What I’m less excited for is to relive 2012 discourse because some people can’t let some shit go, or at least can’t find an interesting way to actually discuss these things that doesn’t devolve into memes from eight years ago.

If it really is coming in October, we should be hearing official word on it fairly soon. Bioware’s most recent public appearance was during Gamescom where it showed a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming Dragon Age game, but it was fairly nonspecific in terms of actual details. We also know that the studio is working on a complete overhaul of Anthem, its loot shooter from last year that it seems to think was more salvageable than Mass Effect: Andromeda, which it promptly cancelled post-launch support for after middling reception.

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