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Epic Games Picks Up Fall Guys Developer Tonic Games

Finally, an Epic game with purchasable costumes.

Epic Games and Tonic Games Group, the owner of Fall Guys-developer Mediatonic, have announced that the North Carolina-based company behind games like Fortnite will be purchasing the British developer in an official blog post today.

Fall Guys, which became a smash hit when it was released last year, is an obstacle-course battle royale similar to physical endurance test game shows. While Devolver Digital published the game for its PlayStation 4 and PC release, it appears from a recent tweet that Devolver will not be involved with the further releases or any other upcoming games from Mediatonic. In their blog post, Epic Games did clarify that further Fall Guys releases for Xbox and Switch are still on the way.

The acquisition makes another play for Epic in the social multiplayer arena, as Fall Guys will now sit next to Fortnite and Rocket League as Epic Games properties. Rocket League was eventually delisted from Epic Game Store competitor Steam and made Free-to-Play, but Mediatonic’s blog on the subject insists that Fall Guys should remain on its existing stores and there are no plans to change the monetization structure.

Though, to be clear, Rocket League leaving Steam was only strongly hinted at upon purchase and wasn’t actually confirmed until later.

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