Epic Acquires Harmonix to Make Musical Gameplay for Fortnite

No, they won't be making more Rock Band instruments.

Epic has added another studio to its growing stable of acquisitions. This time it’s Rock Band and Fuser developer Harmonix, which laid out what the acquisition means for the company moving forward in a convenient FAQ format on its website.

According to the write-up, a lot of Harmonix’s current plans and game support will remain unchanged. Rock Band will still be getting DLC tracks through the rest of 2021 and into 2022, Rock Band Rivals Seasons will continue with the 26th season, Fuser events will remain unchanged, and all its other games will remain available on Steam and console, rather than becoming exclusive to Epic Games Store. But as for what the partnership actually entails, Harmonix says it will be helping to create “musical journeys and gameplay” for Fortnite. The team says it’s not ready to elaborate on what any of that means, but is excited about it.

In other news:

Fortnite as an entity is getting harder to quantify with each passing day, having created digital experiences like a probably well-intentioned but ill-informed Martin Luther King Jr. event and an Among Us clone. As well as concerts featuring artists like Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius character Ariana Grande. So adding some kind of rhythm game element to the game is hardly taking things a step too far. The one sad note is that Harmonix has no plans to manufacture more Rock Band instruments with all the Fortnite money. So if you were hoping to get those at a reasonable price, the dream remains dead. For now, at least.

Harmonix joins the likes of Fall Guys developer Mediatonic and Rocket League Psyonix in Epic Games’ stable of acquired studios.