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Elden Ring 1.06 Patch Nerfs Bloodhound Step, Removes PVP Requirement For White Mask Varre Quest

The latest update brings big and small changes to Elden Ring's balance.

Elden Ring’s latest 1.06 patch is bringing several changes, but some of the most notable are in its nerfing of some of the game’s most effective (or broken, as some might argue) abilities. like Bloodhound Step.

We’re just about six months removed from launch, but From Software is making some notable changes to Elden Ring abilities, some of which will be helpful in completing the game, but others might affect some established strategies. The patch notes for the update 1.06 are pretty long, both in balance changes and in bug fixes, but one of the most notable is the changes to Bloodhound Step, an ability used to dodge attacks that has, up until this point, been pretty essential to some play styles.

As demonstrated in the video below from Gamers Cathedral, Elden Ring nerfing Bloodhound Step is pretty notable, both in that the distance your character covers when using it has been greatly reduced, but also its effectiveness depreciates when it’s used repeatedly. It’s not all bad, though, as the changes also make it more effective if you’re traveling light with a smaller equipment loadout.

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Beyond that, other skills like Corpse Piler have been nerfed, as well, which now does less damage when an enemy is hit only with the blood attack that comes off the player’s blade. But the damage is only decreased slightly if you manage to land a strike with the blade itself. Some attacks and abilities have been buffed in patch 1.06, though, such as Unblockable Blade, which now has a bigger hitbox, and Glintstone Pebble and Glintstone Dart, which now have a longer range.

Outside of balance changes, one of the most notable updates in Patch 1.06 is no longer making PVP a requirement to finish Elden Ring’s White Mask Varre’s questline, which originally would only advance if you invaded another player’s game. Now, you can advance it by defeating a new NPC added in the latest patch.

Be sure to check out the full 1.06 patch notes for a breakdown of all the balance changes and bug fixes, and for more Elden Ring, check out Fanbyte’s game hub for guides, news, and commentary on the game.

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