Echo is Finally Coming to Overwatch After Years of Teases

The omnic character debuted back in 2018.

After a couple teases this week, Blizzard has finally unveiled Overwatch‘s 32nd hero: Echo.

For those that don’t know, Echo has been an enigmatic presence in Overwatch lore since she debuted in the “Reunion” animated short back in 2018. While the short was really intended to focus on McCree and introduce Ashe, who was made playable soon after it premiered, Echo was also revealed at the end, and was hinted to be a key player in the Overwatch universe. Since then, the character was featured in Overwatch 2’s announcement trailer and has been seen in gameplay during the story segments Blizzard showed off at Blizzcon. But now, she’s going to be a fully playable hero. While we don’t know much about her playstyle, her origin story video focuses almost entirely on her creator, Dr. Mina Liao, an apparent founder of Overwatch that has been kind of absent in the game’s lore for several years.

Liao was a scientist who worked on creating omnics, the synthetic life in the Overwatch universe. Despite pushback and people believing omnics would mean the certain doom of humanity, Liao’s work put her in Overwatch’s field of view. Once recruited, she created Echo. However, there appears to have been an accident of some sort, as Liao is seen being blown back by an explosion of some kind in the video. Whether this was Echo’s doing or some other failed experiment is unknown at this point.

Check out the trailer here:

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While previous rumors that floated about said the next Overwatch hero was going to fill a support role, based on what we have seen of Echo in her few appearances, she doesn’t seem to be a healer. In fact, she appeared to have damage abilities in the Overwatch 2 reveal trailer, so we’ll see what role she ends up filling whenever Blizzard puts out new information.

Whatever Echo ends up being when she does eventually launch, she will be one of the last heroes that will come to the game before the launch of Overwatch 2. Blizzard has said that when the sequel does come it will bring not only story mode, but a handful of new heroes, as well. Including Sojourn, the first playable black woman in the game, after years of fans asking for this particular representation. Blizzard’s reason for her taking so long was…loaded, to say the least.

Blizzard has been pretty upfront with the fact that it has “no idea” when Overwatch 2 will actually launch, but when it does it will change the way fans engage with its characters, as the story mode will be giving some of these heroes more defined stories than they’ve ever had. Some fans are excited at the prospect, while others are worried about the way Blizzard will write characters they’ve been creating headcanons around for years.