EA Discontinues BioWare Points, Makes DLC Purchasable With Them Free

Mass Effect 3's multiplayer packs will now only be purchasable with in-game currency.

Back in the early 2000s, companies were all about making up their own fake currencies that you had to buy with real money to purchase content and add-ons to games. This was the basis of the Xbox Store for several years, up until 2013, which used Microsoft Points to purchase digital goods like DLC. Well, BioWare was one of those companies for a long time, and some of the developers’ DLC was beholden to that on some marketplaces. But today, the studio announced it’s discontinuing “BioWare Points,” and DLC content that could only be obtained through them is now free.

EA and BioWare have sent emails to users letting them know that BioWare Points are going away from the Origin store on October 11. That means some DLC for games like Dragon Age II, Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 will be free for users on the store if they were only available through use of BioWare Points. At one time that included big story DLCs like Mass Effect 2’s Lair of the Shadow Broker or Mass Effect 3’s Citadel, but in the years since, those DLC were already made purchasable solely through bundles on Origin, anyway. This does mean that Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer packs will only be buyable through in-game currency, as BioWare Points will no longer be available for purchase.

EA Discontinues BioWare Points, Makes DLC Purchasable With Them Free

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BioWare Points had pretty much been obsolete for several years at this point, as more recent games from the studio like Dragon Age: InquisitionMass Effect: Andromeda, and Anthem didn’t use them. So this is really just a moment of cleaning house for old games. Also, all that Mass Effect DLC content is available through the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition remasters, anyway. Which is available through services like EA Play and Game Pass.