Dragon Age 4 Has a Name Now: Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

The name references the villain's place in Dragon Age lore.

We’ve been calling the fourth Dragon Age game some variation of “Dragon Age 4″ since it was unveiled at the 2018 Game Awards. While BioWare has yet to really show the game in any meaningful manner beyond some development footage, the studio did finally give the game a name. Given all that we’ve seen, which has specifically been focusing hard on party-member-turned-villain Solas, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf seems like a fitting title.

The announcement came as part of a post on BioWare’s social channels that included the name and a new logo. The font’s different than past games, but the series has often shifted stylistically between each entry, so that kind of just feels like the presentation catching up with the franchise’s shifting tone. The name is a reference to Solas, who is revealed at the end of Dragon Age: Inquisition to be a figure in the series’ elven mythology referred to as the Dread Wolf. He is known by historians as a traitor to the elven race, and is essentially the elves’ Boogie Man for kids. The phrase “Dread Wolf take you” is essentially a curse spoken in the Dragon Age universe. All that being said, Inquisition’s final DLC “Trespasser” delved into Solas’ motivations and showed his story was all a lot more complicated than history tells it. In a post on the BioWare Blog, the studio confirms the game won’t be coming out in 2022. Which isn’t much of a surprise, considering how little we’ve seen of the game thus far. But if you were hoping to see Thedas again this year, adjust your expectations accordingly.

Now if only BioWare would also give us the name of the next Mass Effect so people will stop calling it “Mass Effect 4” when the studio has given people zero reason to think that game will have a number in its title, and there’s already been a fourth Mass Effect game.

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BioWare has said it plans to show Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in some fashion this year, but given that EA isn’t holding an EA Play presentation as part of Summer Game Fest this year, it’s unclear where the studio will be showing off the RPG. It’s possible we might see it at Summer Game Fest next week, as BioWare has announced and shown games at Geoff Keighley joints pretty frequently. Even Dreadwolf’s last two public appearances were during the 2020 Game Awards and Gamescom, both of which were hosted by Keighley.

Whenever we see it, despite being such a big fan of Inquisition, I’m personally pretty checked out of Dragon Age after it was confirmed Dreadwolf would follow some of my least favorite storytelling methods the series has often utilized. Specifically its swapping of protagonists before actually concluding the the previous one’s story.