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Dive Into The Depths of Diablo IV With Wowhead

Our sister site has everything you need to know about fighting demons in Sanctuary.

While you can read all about Final Fantasy XIV and Destiny 2 right here on Fanbyte, there are other games you might be playing. Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo IV started its early access period on Friday, with a full launch coming tomorrow on June 6, 2023. Already the gates to Hell have opened, but there’s more action to be had out there.

If you’re looking to face the Mother of Sin herself, your best bet is to jump over to our sister site, Wowhead. Over there, they’re hip-deep into Diablo IV coverage, with all the news, guides, and more avid Diablo players are looking for.

Beginners Tips And Tricks

If you haven’t been a part of the Early Access period, it’s likely that you’re just starting your journey into Sanctuary. If that’s the case, then it behooves you to kick off your experience correctly. Wowhead has a host of guides for folks just starting out, whether that’s a full class overview, a host of helpful tips and tricks for starting out, or the best leveling builds across all five classes.

You’ll find a list of Wowhead’s guides for beginners below:


Into The Depths – Knowledge For Existing Players

If you’re already into Diablo IV’s extensive campaign, Wow head also has the details you’re looking for to make the most of your game time. Maybe you want to know where all the Lilith Altars are located or how to farm experience like a true champion. As you level, perhaps you want to play around with your build a bit? That’s where Wowhead’s Skill Tree Calculator comes in, letting you mess around with builds and skill points to your heart’s content.

Welcome to Hell – The Latest News and More For Endgame Players

We’re early days into Diablo IV, meaning folks have only started to get into the endgame. Wowhead will be expanding into endgame guides and other post-launch news, guides, and tips as the season progresses. This includes the site’s own features, like third-party tooltips or a way to get up-to-date Diablo IV news on your Discord server.

Speaking of news, here’s the latest news about Diablo IV that you absolutely need to know about:

If you’re into Diablo IV for the long haul, you should keep Wowhead bookmarked, because it has everything you need to know about Blizzard’s dungeon-crawling masterpiece.

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