Destiny 2’s Guardian Games Is Finally Giving Us Class vs. Class Violence

Eyes up Guardian, the next event for Destiny 2 is right around the corner. Once again, Guardian Games is upon us to prove which class (Warlocks) is the best of the three. Previously, players did this by simply getting medals and completing challenges. While this proved which one could withstand the most grinding, it wasn’t a true measure of which class (once again, Warlocks) was the greatest. Thankfully, Bungie is finally giving us a long-requested mode that will put each class to the test in a class-based PVP game mode.

That’s right, starting next week and throughout the duration of the event, players can now participate in a Guardian Games: Supremacy mode that puts you on a team entirely made up of the same class. Meaning, if you’re a Warlock you will be on a team of nothing but Warlocks as the Traveler intended. As for the mode itself, whenever someone dies they will drop a crest that matches their class. Picking up an enemy crest will earn your team a point while snagging a teammate’s denies your opponents from earning a point. Because of this, you will always want to keep your head on a swivel and snag those crests if you plan to win since just getting the most kills will not guarantee you a victory.

There will also be a Guardian Games quest tied to this Destiny 2 game mode, so make sure to snag it from Eva when you first arrive in the Tower! As for rewards, along with the usual cosmetic items in the shop, this year’s event introduces the first Strand scout rifle. Dubbed “Taraxippos,” this is a lightweight frame weapon and will certainly be worth hunting down since scout rifles just got a PVE damage buff. Additionally, The Title submachine gun is returning with a new perk pool and Bungie is teasing that turning in Medallions will make progress toward a crafted weapon’s level.

Destiny 2’s Guardian Games event starts next week, so get out there and prove that your class (still Warlocks) is the best of the best.