Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Known Bugs List

The Season of the Deep launches today in Destiny 2, and Bungie is aware of some bugs and issues that are arriving along with it. Via the Bungie Help Twitter account, here are the currently known bugs in the Season of the Deep.

  • Some subtitles do not appear during the Season of the Deep opening cinematic.
  • The “Electric Armor” and “Amped Up” Artifact mods names are switched. These mods will still function correctly based on their descriptions.
  • The description for the Cenotaph Mask exotic Warlock head states that the priority target effect will activate when damaging a boss. This effect also activates when damaging minibosses, vehicles, and champions.
  • Players will need to have completed the Unfinished Business exotic quest on Neomuna in order to access the new quest and unlock the new Strand Aspects and a Legendary weapon.

That last point, noting that players have to complete the Unfinished Business quest on Neomuna to unlock new Strand Aspects, is probably the most noteworthy. We’re not sure whether this is Bungie simply signaling that this is necessary because the game doesn’t say it explicitly, or whether it’s an unintended bug. Regardless, it seems like players who want to get their hands on those new Aspects should make sure they’ve completed that questline first.

Of course, there’s also another known issue in Season of the Deep, though whether it qualifies as a “bug” is debatable. As of this writing, Destiny 2 is still down for maintenance, despite the season being intended to launch at 1 PM Eastern time. This isn’t anything new, as the game has been suffering from a great deal of unexpected downtime throughout the Season of Defiance. Bungie noted in a recent TWAB that they were bringing the game offline for expected maintenance at weekly resets beginning in the Season of the Deep — we’ll see if that helps with Destiny 2‘s server issues moving forward.

Those are all of the bugs and issues we know about in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep so far. Running into a different bug? Let us know in the comments.