Destiny 2 Season 20 Might Be Tied to the EDZ

Back during Season of the Haunted, I noticed something about the Seasonal Challenges in Destiny 2 — there’s always one challenge during the final week’s batch that tasks players with completing activities in a certain location. In Season of the Risen, that location was the Moon. The next season, Haunted, saw Guardians revisit the Leviathan in orbit around the Moon. Then, in Season of the Haunted, the location challenge was Europa. And what happened in Season of Plunder? Eramis broke out of her prison on Europa. Season of Plunder’s challenge was the EDZ, and Season of the Seraph has us spending a lot of time on Earth (and in orbit) fixing up Rasputin.

Following me? I might be reading too much into this, but it seems like these week 10 Seasonal Challenges are sort of hints as to where the next season of Destiny 2 will take place. This season, that challenge once again takes place in the EDZ. That leads me to believe that season 20 will, like season 19, involve the EDZ in some capacity. As the last few seasons have had activities that rotate across a few locations, I don’t think it will exclusively take place there, but I do have some ideas about what it might look like.

Destiny 2 Season 20
Image via Braytech

Since season 20 of Destiny 2 is launching alongside Lightfall, it will likely be integrated into that campaign similarly to how Season of the Risen tied into Witch Queen. Lightfall is about encountering the long-forgotten descendants of a human colonization project on Neptune, so it makes sense that the seasonal narrative might involve learning about the origins of this project on Earth.

We also know from the lore on the Quicksilver Storm Exotic that Elsie Bray’s floating pouka creature is related to Neptune in some way, so it’s likely that she’ll play a role in the story. Perhaps, then, season 20 will be about digging up the mysteries of the Golden Age on Earth. In keeping with Bungie’s recent re-introduction of vaulted areas, we might even return to locations like Niobe Labs. If we did, that would be a great opportunity to bring Ada-1 back into Destiny 2‘s story.

This is all speculation, of course, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Bungie brings back the Black Armory — one of the most popular pieces of content in Destiny 2 history — back in some way next year. And hey, if the EDZ is the seasonal hotspot, maybe Devrim Kay will even get to do something.