Destiny 2 Players Rejoice, Blue Engrams are Dead

They did it. The absolute mad lads, they finally did it. In today’s TWAB post, Bungie announced that the much-despised blue engrams in Destiny 2 will stop dropping after players hit the soft power cap.

Everyone hates blue engrams in Destiny 2. They’re useless once you’ve hit the power cap, and they don’t even drop gear with random rolls. Once you get one blue (rare) weapon, you can pull it from your Collections whenever you want. Literally all they have done for most players over the last few years of Destiny 2 is clog up their Postmaster.

See, back when Destiny 2 first launched, Legendary gear wasn’t the norm. Players begun the game with gray (common) gear, progressed to green (uncommon), then to blue (rare) and finally to purple (Legendary). Now, several years later, Legendary gear has basically become the standard for both weapons and armor. However, blue gear still drops from many activities in the game.

It’s useless. It’s trash. It makes everyone’s lives more difficult. It’s needless detritus crowding up the universe. It’s criminal, a sin, a real eyesore.

Well, no more! Starting in next week’s patch, blue engrams are dead! They’re gone forever! You should never again see another blue engram laying on the ground in the world. Finally. Next up: a bigger engram inventory? We can dream, can’t we? With the death of blue engrams, anything seems possible.

In the place of blue engrams, Destiny 2 players at the soft power cap should now see an equivalent amount of Glimmer drop. Bungie has also increased all other Gunsmith reputation gains by 25% to compensate for the lack of blue gear to dismantle. If you spot a blue engram in the wild after next week’s patch, do your duty and report it on the Bungie help forums. Together, we can end blue engrams forever.