Destiny 2 is Unlocking All Armor Mods for All Players

Earlier today, the official Destiny 2 Twitter account made an announcement: starting January 11, 2023, all standard armor mods will be available to all players. Historically, these mods have been unlocked through a variety of sources. More recently, they’ve been made available on a rotating basis through vendors in the Tower.

Ever since the introduction of Armor 2.0, mods have been a crucial part of buildcrafting in Destiny 2. Certain Combat Style mods, including Charged With Light and Elemental Well mods, are important to high-level builds. Having those mods gated behind Ada-1’s rotating inventory meant that players who happened to miss them the first time they were available were basically out of luck. That’s been an ongoing issue in the game, as it’s meant that players missing important Destiny 2 armor mods have to continually check with the vendor to see if the ones they need are in stock.

Well, no more. As Lightfall approaches, bringing with it a new approach to buildcrafting in Destiny 2 (we’re finally getting loadouts) Bungie has decided to make these mods available to everyone. That’s a great move for everyone who’s missing mods that make the game a more interesting and complex experience. There are still some mods you’ll still have to earn — Raid mods, Adept weapon mods, and so on — but armor mods are some of the most impactful in the game.

Decisions like this seem to suggest a shift away from the FOMO-centered model Destiny 2 moved to several years ago, when it introduced the seasonal model and began regularly removing content from the game. The announcement that no expansions are being vaulted when Lightfall drops is another heartening move. Of course, we still have seasonal content that’s disappearing at the end of February, but these are steps in the right direction, anyway.