Destiny 2 is Boosting Kinetic Weapons in Lightfall

Kinetic weapons have been in an odd place for a while now in Destiny 2. With the addition of Stasis weapons in the kinetic slot, regular old bullets seem a little lackluster in comparison. Kinetic weapons, for the most part, don’t benefit from many of the keywords and abilities that have been added to the game since launch. Well, come Lightfall, kinetic weapons are getting a buff.

As outlined in a post on Bungie’s website today, kinetic weapons in Destiny 2 are being reworked to balance them with Stasis weapons. Previously, all weapons in the kinetic slot did 5% more damage to unshielded targets in PVE, which also applied to Stasis weapons. Stasis weapons are losing the 5% damage buff, which would already make kinetic weapons more desirable by comparison. But that’s not all.

In Lightfall, kinetic primary weapons will now have a 1.1 damage multiplier, meaning they’ll do 10% more damage against unshielded targets rather than 5%. What’s more, special weapons are getting a 1.15 damage multiplier, so they’ll do 15% more damage against unshielded foes. That should give them a lot more utility and might make swapping between weapons a much more common play in the PVE meta.

Additionally, kinetic weapons are getting a new damage type perk in Lightfall. Other damage types already have these — Repulsor Brace for Void, Incandescent for Solar, and so on. Now, kinetic weapons will get their own unique perk, further making them stand out from the pack. We’re not sure what that perk is just yet, and we might have to wait until Lightfall to find out.

What do you think of the change? Are you more likely to use kinetic weapons now rather than Stasis ones? Let us know in the comments below. We’ll have more on Lightfall as the release date of February 28th approaches. Be sure to check out other other Destiny 2 content while you’re here.