Destiny 2 Increasing Deepsight Drop Rates For All Raids

Weapon crafting in Destiny 2 can be a bit of a pain sometimes. In order to craft a weapon, you need to first obtain Deepsight drops of it. That’s not too bad for seasonal weapons, where there are guaranteed sources, but for Raids and dungeons it means submitting to the will of RNG. Well, in advance of the release of Lightfall, Bungie is making things a little easier for intrepid weapon crafters.

In today’s Destiny 2 patch notes, one of the changes listed is “Increased Deepsight weapon drop rates for all Raids and the Duality dungeon.” While we don’t have the exact numbers, that means it’s going to be easier than before to find Deepsight versions of the weapons in these activities and thus craft them. If you’ve been meaning to craft a Raid or Duality weapon, then now’s a good time to do it — especially since the Season of the Seraph is winding down and there isn’t much to do before Lightfall.

Bungie announced on Twitter that more changes to weapon crafting are coming in Lightfall, with more information on what they entail coming before launch. We’d welcome changes to the system — crafting has been a bit of a mixed bag in Destiny 2 and could definitely use some refinement. With loadouts finally coming to the game in the next expansion and hints that Bungie is revising the mod system, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some fairly big changes to how players craft gear.

Are you ready to hop back into Raids or Duality to grab any Deepsight drops you’ve been needing? Personally, we spend far too much time running Duality to try to craft Fixed Odds with not much to show for it. Maybe we’ll head back into that dungeon and see how improved the Deepsight drop rates really are.