Destiny 2 Exotic Helmet Ornaments Are on Sale for Bright Dust

It’s another new week in Destiny 2, which means there are more cosmetic items in the shop that you can purchase for Bright Dust. While most of the time the Bright Dust selection is a little underwhelming, you should snag some absolutely fantastic items on sale this week. The big items on sale are the three new exotic helmet armor ornaments for the Wormhusk Crown, Loreley Splendor Helm, and Dawn Chorus. Each of these new ornaments costs a reasonable 1,500 Bright Dust, which is a deal given these are normally around $8 if you were to purchase them with real money.

All three of these are solid exotics and the ornaments for the Dawn Chorus and Lorely Splendor Helm are some of my favorites in the entire game. While I personally think there are better ornaments for the Wormhusk Crown, it is good for those going for a Hive-themed Hunter. Remember, these exotic ornaments will only be on sale for this week, so if you don’t want to spend any money this is the best way to get them. For those strapped for Bright Dust, make sure to complete your weekly challenges. Some of these will reward you Bright Dust, which can quickly add up. It’s a good way to ensure you always have some of this currency lying around for when an item goes on sale that you really want.

Destiny 2 Exotic Helmet Ornament

As for other items in the Destiny 2 store on sale for Bright Dust include, the Future Noir legendary helmet for each class, Mandolin-sistence emote, Synth Howl ship, Vice Cruiser sparrow, Forerunner’s Calefactor ornament, and the Eramis Ghost Projection. If you’re big into Destiny’s fashion scene you should get the Future Noir helmets as they work well with a variety of armor sets and look great with most shaders. Le Monarque’s Calyptra ornament and the Flamenco Dance emote are also being sold for Bright Dust.

Remember, you only have a week to purchase these for Bright Dust. Next week is the Guardian Games event, so if you do want cosmetics from that then I suggest holding onto some Bright Dust instead. If you don’t care about any sports-themed gear, then definitely get these exotic helmet ornaments since your other method relies either on luck via Bright Engrams or real money.