Destiny 2 Commendation Requirements Have Been Slashed Again

When the Guardian Ranks system was introduced in Destiny 2 Lightfall, one of the biggest complaints was the role of Commendations. Players were required to earn an absurd Commendation score to advance up the ranks, and Commendations were often the biggest bottleneck in progressing to the next level. A couple of weeks ago, Bungie reduced the Commendation requirements for Guardian Ranks. Now, they’re doing it again.

The new rank requirements will be as follows:

  • Rank 7: 100 (was 460)
  • Rank 8: 250 (was 790)
  • Rank 9: 500 (was 1,290)

This is a welcome change and a massive reduction. It seems that Bungie vastly overestimated how quickly players would earn Commendations and has had to adjust their targets accordingly. Still, it’s strange that the requirements were set so high in the first place, considering that Guardian Ranks reset every season rather than persisting over time.

Given the magnitude of this change, it’s possible Bungie will stop here. However, it’s also possible that Bungie may remove the Commendation requirements for Guardian Ranks in Destiny 2 entirely in the future. In our opinion, it’s not a great system. The idea of players giving one another well-thought out feedback always seemed like something of a pipe dream. In Destiny 2, as in many other games where a similar system has been implemented, Commendations quickly became one more chore to complete at the end of an activity.

Seriously, does anyone really consider the Commendations they give out? Personally, we always tend to just dole them out at random. The most thought that goes into the process is trying to ensure that we give ours out to players who haven’t received any in modes with large fireteams like Crucible Quickplay. But tying Guardian Ranks to receiving commendations from other players seems like a big mistake.

Maybe Guardian Ranks should instead be tied to giving Commendations, rather than receiving them. Or maybe the entire system is a big waste of time and should be completely removed from the game. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.