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Destiny 2 Bug Lets You Craft Exotic Traits on Legendary Weapons

This is a pretty interesting bug in Destiny 2.

Players discovered a weapon bug in Destiny 2, allowing them to craft Legendary weapons with Exotic intrinsic traits. If someone wanted to, they could glitch the Enclave Relic to put Osteo Striga’s Screaming Swarm trait on a craftable submachine gun, duplicating the intrinsic trait. This hilarious pairing of traits and weapons isn’t limited to the Enclave, so players can take this weapon into Crucible or endgame PVE activities.

The Bungie Help page tweeted that the developer is aware of this bug, and is working on a fix to reset the weapons. It also noted that Bungie would not disable Trails of Osiris this weekend, which means that players can enter the game mode with their buggy weapons. Not only that, Destiny 2 only allows players to equip one Exotic weapon at a time, but this bug would bypass that restriction. On the other hand, you can put the Aggressive Frame ability from Legendary shotguns like Ragnhild-D or Imperial Decree on the Legendary Ammit AR2 auto rifle, creating a pretty broken weapon.  

Below the original tweet, Bungie clarified that using this exploit would not result in a ban. Adding that, “the use of external scripting and network manipulation tools are still bannable offenses and subject to security review.” 

Additionally, the Destiny 2 Team shared on Twitter:

"We’re exploring all potential solutions and keeping an eye out in case things get TOO wild and we need to take drastic measures to ensure the health of the game."

video by streamer and YouTube Aztecross creates some funky Exotic trait and Legendary weapon combinations, like putting Dead Messenger’s Trinary Vision intrinsic ability on the Forbearance grenade launcher. However, putting unique traits from a weapon type on a different weapon type — like adding grenade launcher traits on a rifle, for example — might result in a comically faulty weapon. 

Still, Bungie has not yet specified when it will fix this bug. 

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