Demon’s Souls Character Creator Has Millions of Permutations and I Will Still Just Make Myself

All these permutations and I only need two.

If I were to make a list of games that I bought or even just considered buying exclusively because they feature a character creator at the beginning, that list would contain a number of video games that is not zero. So when Sony and Bluepoint Games announce that the upcoming Demon’s Souls remake has “up to 16 million permutations” in its character creator, my heart grows 16 million sizes larger as I fantasize about using these scrollers to make a character that just looks like me, I guess.

You know what it requires to make a character that looks like me? No hair and a beard. That’s all. That’s two permutations of the 16 million that someone at Bluepoint had to make work in this game. I’m extremely ready to do the bare minimum here for my character’s appearance by opening up my phone’s selfie camera and just looking back and forth at my phone and my television as I make the character that will die hundreds of deaths in Bluepoint’s recreation of From Software’s 2009 RPG look like a 28-year-old, bald, bearded, tiny gay man in the middle-of-nowhere, Georgia. And you know what I’ll do after I’ve faithfully recreated myself and am repeatedly bashing my head against a wall to complete the notoriously hard game? I will take a plethora of screenshots of my digital avatar using the photo mode Sony and Bluepoint also showed off today.

The first shots of the Photo Mode in action were posted on the PlayStation Blog, and showed a few of the settings you’ll be able to mess around with to capture screenshots of your heroic (or more likely, humiliating) moments going through Demon’s Souls. This includes some of the standard features like throwing filters on a shot, altering the depth of field, and manipulating the camera to get the perfect angle. But there will also be a few more minute details such hiding specific pieces of equipment like your weapons or helmet, to changing your character’s pose or expression. Sony has kind of set a standard for these things over the course of the PlayStation 4 generation, so it’s good to see Photo Mode coming in strong as the PlayStation 5 launch nears.

In other news:

I managed to go several years without playing through any of From Software’s Souls games, only to finally play through all of Bloodborne earlier this year. As I’ve been made to understand, Demon’s Souls and by extension Dark Souls games aren’t quite as fast-paced as Bloodborne was, which helped me acclimate to it more than the one time I attempted Dark Souls II, so we’ll see if I can manage to make my way to the end of the remake after I make my face in it next week.

The Demon’s Souls remake will be one of the games launching alongside the PlayStation 5 on November 12, accompanied by Spider-Man: Miles MoralesBugsnax, and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.