Dead Space Remake Releases in January 2023

If I were Isaac, I simply would not have stepped onto the derelict abandoned ship.

Last year, Electronic Arts asked Dead Space fans to tune in to EA Play, their infrequent but sometimes annual summer show, for something that would surely knock their socks off. They weren’t kidding, because the announcement of a Dead Space remake excited not just fans of the series, but prospective fans who had been waiting for a good modern entry point, and horror fans that wanted something creepy on their new consoles. With it only being last year, and with the first footage being decidedly basic in its brutal honesty, it would be easy to assume the game was quite a ways off. Developer EA Motive did say they were targeting an early 2023 release date, but I kind of assumed that was like, I am targeting getting a unicorn but I guess this horse will have to do.

Fair play, though, because today EA revealed that Dead Space is in fact hitting in early 2023. Like, within the first month of 2023, on January 27. Got me there, EA Motive!

The announcement came during a livestream today showing off new concept art of the game. While the footage thus far has looked very, very early, EA Motive assures fans that an actual full reveal is coming later this year. It appears to be more of a case of the studio holding their cards close to their chest for a little bit rather than them not having polished footage to show.

During EA’s investor relations presentation this past week, the company revealed that four unrevealed titles would be occupying the fourth quarter of their financial year — for EA, that’s January through March 2023. Those titles were simply games they didn’t want to name at the time, not necessarily games that were not publicly announced. They included “Remake,” “Major IP,” “Partner Title,” and “Sports Title,” in addition to the already-named PGA Tour.

It is pretty clear at this point that Dead Space is the Remake being referred to there, which can only leave us guessing at the rest. Perhaps the announced sequel to Jedi Fallen Order? A new UFC title? There’s a lot to speculate on and what consoles those things might hit.

Dead Space, at least, will be a fully current-gen game when it releases early next year on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC.