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Dead by Daylight Reveals Next Chapter, Including a New Survivor and Killer

Feminism won.

On Nov. 10, Behaviour Interactive shared the reveal trailer for “A Binding of Kin,” the next DLC for Dead by Daylight.

The trailer introduces players to a new survivor, Élodie Rakoto, and a new killer — or killers. The newest foes you’ll face are Charlotte and Victor Deshayes, otherwise known as The Twins.

According to the in-game lore, Élodie was “born into a lush Parisian household” and “grew up in a comfortable home miles away from the verdant island of Madagascar, her parents’ birthplace.” When she was fourteen, her parents disappeared during a trip to Dyer Island. They had taken her with them to the island because they were part of a secret society known as The Imperiatti. Élodie is actually a friend of Felix Richter, the previous latest survivor, whose parents were also a part of this organization.

One night, her parents were taken by some indescribable thing in front of her, traumatizing the young child. This prompted her to lead a life in which she intensely studied the occult. She “researched any and all legends that mentioned a dark force that snatched people at night without a trace,” translated old tales, gathered old artifacts created by ancient civilizations obsessed with whatever took her parents, and “built a tapestry of narratives from around the world that corroborated the uncanny way her parents had vanished.”

The Twins are a cooperative pair of killers in Dead by Daylight. This means that, if you play as them, you can control both Charlotte (the lady with the sickle) and Victor (the fetus she extracts out of her body at will, for who amongst us doesn’t). When unbinding Victor, you can charge up and launch yourself at players like an undead cannon, pouncing to cause injury or down a survivor.

What you can’t unbind is their emotional connection. They lived a life of persecution, hiding throughout France’s countryside with their mother after their miraculously successful birth. According to the lore, “the twins emerged with Victor’s lower body affixed into the chest of his sister, legs twisted around her muscles and organs. He was smaller than Charlotte, grown as if he were an appendage of her body rather than a fully formed boy. As the newborns screeched, so too did the midwife who delivered them, running from the home, yelling of a demon birthed by a witch.”

All joy and goodness in them died when their mother was hunted, accused of witchcraft. They were sold to a secretive group clad in dark cloaks, which experimented on them relentlessly. After Victor was killed during the aftermath of a final experiment, protecting “his lifeless body became Charlotte’s sole reason for being, refusing to ever be separated from the only family she had left.” On a night when she should have died, Victor was reborn — and, in a way, so was she, with a hatred and rage toward humanity that drives her to kill with the help of The Entity.

The lore in this game is fucking wild. And so good. I love all of this: the creativity and richness of The Twins, whom I will slightly pity even as they chase me while I’m trying to repair generators; Élodie’s tragic backstory; and how this chapter is giving us two new women characters, one of them being a black woman, in Dead by Daylight. (Élodie isn’t the first black woman in the game’s roster, which shouldn’t be a low bar to meet in games at this point, but, you know, video games). Victor’s cool, too. Kinda gotta stan him a little. Gotta stan them all a little. I’ll stan Élodie a lot, myself.

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I used to not like Dead by Daylight, but playing with friends under quarantine made me do a 180 on it. I adore it now. This is the first new chapter I’m here for as an active player, and I’m happy to say I love what I’m seeing. And I especially love seeing reactions to Élodie like these.

Dead by Daylight is playable on pretty much every platform you can think of: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android devices, iOS devices, Google Stadia, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. If you own the game on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you’ll be able to get the game for free and maintain all your progress whenever you upgrade to the current generation. (Wow, it feels a little weird writing that). Behaviour Interactive supports cross-play across all systems that are not mobile devices. “A Binding of Kin” is planned for a release in December, though you can try it out in the Player Test Build on PC right now.

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