Killers Can Soon Smash Through Walls in Dead By Daylight

Plus, a new Killer has surfaced in the beta client of Dead By Daylight, along with a ton of other new patch changes.

Years after its launch, Dead By Daylight is anything but crawling. The one-versus-four horror survival game is well-supported by players and developers alike, with new characters and franchises introduced regularly. Of course, any good “game-as-a-service” game needs to spice things up, so Dead By Daylight has come up with a mechanic reminiscent of a family favorite: the Kool-Aid Man.

No, the Kool-Aid Man won’t be one of the game’s fabled “Killers.” However, players acting as Killers will be able to similarly burst through certain walls in many maps soon enough. The one-sided map interaction looks to bring a little more suspense to a game that already has players screaming for their lives.

“Breakable walls appear in preset locations, much like pallets,” the devs at Behaviour Interactive explained in an update blog. “Unlike pallets, a Survivor cannot interact with them in any way. The Killer, however, can walk up to one of these walls and break it down whenever they like.”

dead by daylight nurse

Right now, “Pallets” are the most parallel system in Dead By Daylight. These are interactive items that can be used as obstacles by Survivors against Killers — and smashed by Killers, in turn. However, of course, the difference is that breakable walls will be exclusive to the Killers.

The wall-breaking changes arrive in the next “Chapter,” considered patch 3.6.0, the release date of which is currently unknown. This mechanic is present on a new map included in the patch, and more will be retroactively worked in on other maps down the line. Hopefully, this means October horror streams will have their fair share of streamers shouting “HERE’S JOHNNY!”

But Wait, There’s More in Chapter 15!

And speaking of patches,  some pretty big changes come in the next Dead By Daylight patch, which is live on the Player Test Build.

The beta test client includes a new Killer named Deathslinger, who, as you can guess from the name, is a cowboy. Right now, the lore for the character is on the site, and hints at what’s essentially a harpoon gun for the Killer. There’s also a new Survivor named Zarina Kassir (who has her own lore too), plus the aforementioned new map to play on themed to the wild west. The “perks,” or innate abilities, for both of these seem pretty fun; the Deathslinger’s toolkit includes one that allows the Killer to possibly see an objective being worked on.

dead by daylight deathslinger killer lore art

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Balance changes also leave fans of both sides pretty satisfied. Overall, Survivors got some notable slashes through some major nerfs to Toolbox and Sabotages, which respect allow players to complete objectives and ruin Killer perks. For instance, Toolboxes can’t sabotage a Bear Trap anymore, meaning players will need to better watch their step. Generator repairs are also more likely to require a skill check — meaning players are more likely to run into some objective delays. And, players who grab an item with empty charges and escape can bring it in with full charges next game. Meanwhile, it also looks like The Doctor’s perks are being readjusted for clarity, possibly making him a more viable Killer for all.

Dead By Daylight does continue to deliver on keeping things fresh for its loyal horror fans. However, for new players, one of the biggest barriers of entry is the slew of DLC. Many popular characters, especially third-party franchise killers, remain locked behind DLC purchases. Third-party franchise purchases start at $4.99 and go up to $11.99 for the Stranger Things pack, which includes the Demogorgon as a Killer. With 14 Killer-inclusive packs and each Killer bringing its own quirks, it’s all just a little pay-to-win. Still, that hasn’t stopped the community from following Dead By Daylight until its death.

We’ll definitely hear more from Behaviour Interactive this year, as the studio is kicking off an “international tour” starting with PAX East in Boston next week.