Dead by Daylight Studio Reveals Meet Your Maker, Beta Sign-Ups Live

Sign ups for Meet Your Maker's first closed playtest are live now.

Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour has announced its next project, Meet Your Maker. It’s a building, crafting, make-your-own dungeon deal focused on raiding fellow players and perfecting your outpost.

Instead of a game of Survivor versus Killer (or Survivor smooches Killer), Meet Your Maker drops players into a post-apocalyptic, open slate world as a Custodian. Behaviour’s next project still tasks us with outsmarting folks in PVP combat, but instead provides a toolbox to control how. The kit includes “high-customizable blocks, traps, and guards”  for luring foes into your 0wn twisted, booby-trapped labyrinth. I’m the goblin king, etc. etc.

The Mad Max-like scenario is all over GenMat, a genetic material that’s also the planet’s most valuable resource. According to Behaviour, we can tackle these scenarios however we’d like—imagination is key. So, if teaming up with a stranger for a little doomsday prepping and hoarding is your thing, go for it. Or you can raid and take everything for yourself, building and fortifying your own gnarly clubhouse. There’s a brutal, oddly familiar scenario here.

Outside of PVP, Meet Your Maker’s first extended trailer peek looks like a pretty far-off departure from the studio’s hit in Dead by Daylight. It’s got that dystopian Fallout aesthetic, and first impressions make it sound like Bethesda’s work is the vibe it’s chasing, but with a focus on only this base-building and raiding piece. Customizable hell sanctuaries sounds neat and all, but the added thoughtful layers like crafting your own AI guards’ patrol pathing and detailed booby-trap setup are the little details that have got me intrigued.

Meet Your Maker doesn’t have a release date just yet, but there’s still a chance to play it soon. Interested players can log into their Behaviour account and fill out the form for the Steam closed beta playtest beginning on August 23. Meet Your Maker aims for a proper launch in 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Behaviour conjuring up another competitive experience spells doom for my free time. However, I have some anxieties given the state of Dead by Daylight and its hellish netcode. It’s a go-to favorite, but some of the disconnects, latency issues, and balancing woes make it a hard sell sometimes. Here’s to hoping Meet Your Maker is an improvement on the multiplayer experience. Perhaps one that brings a few lessons on cleaning up Dead by Daylight.