Days Gone is Officially Coming to PC Next Month

The second in Sony's push to bring PlayStation games to PC.

Days Gone, Sony Bend’s open-world zombie/motorcycle maintenance sim, is coming to PC. After the initial announcement back in February, Sony has finally given a release date: May 18. You, too, can experience Deacon St. John’s rough times in the post apocalypse on Steam, Epic Games Store, and another “range of retailers,” according to Sony Bend’s post about the news on the PlayStation Blog. But beyond naming Steam and EGS, that’s as specific as the announcement gets, so it’s unclear whether or not it’s coming to stores like GOG.

If you’ve paid attention to Days Gone on PlayStation 4, you pretty much know what you’re getting into, but some PC-specific functions include mouse and keyboard support, as well as controller support from first and third party providers. Meaning you can use an Xbox controller to play the PlayStation Studios game. Days Gone will also support  21:9 ultra-wide monitors on PC, an unlocked framerate (the game ran at 30 frames-per-second on PlayStation 4), a high resolution photo mode, and some more detailed textures across the board for higher end PCs.

Here’s a trailer breaking down all the PC-specific features:

In other news:

Days Gone joins Horizon Zero Dawn as another PlayStation Studios game making its way to PC. While it’s cool enough to see Sony open to the idea of being a multiplatform company, it would be nice to see it take some bigger risks by putting more prestigious games like The Last of Us Part II or God of War on PC.

If you haven’t played Sony Bend’s open world zombie game and already own a PlayStation 4 or 5, it’s currently available as PlayStation Plus game for the month of April.

Talking about Days Gone right now is a little sad, as a report coming out of Sony last week from Bloomberg said Sony Bend apparently pitched a sequel to Sony higher-ups, but was shot down due to Days Gone’s middling critical reception and lengthy development cycle.