COD Warzone’s Pumpkin Punisher Bug Makes Everyone Mad

It’s the spookiest time of the year and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players are getting into the spirit with the new Haunting of Verdansk event. Revolving around all things horror, this event allows players to play as zombies, dress up as horror movie icons, enjoy terrifying twists on existing maps, and collect free Halloween-themed loot. Yet, the scariest part of this event is the new Pumpkin Punisher blueprint not unlocking. The final reward after completing a rather lengthy scavenger hunt throughout Warzone’s Verdansk map, many users swiftly discovered that this quest may be bugged.

Update 1 – 9:46 A.M. 10/22/2020

Following a massive outbreak of bugs relating to unlocking this weapon, Infinity Ward’s Joe Cecot took to Twitter to help resolve this issue. In a Twitter post, Cecot explains that players may need to either open a supply box that would have rewarded the item or go through the entire list once again. This obviously isn’t ideal, but it’s a way to potentially obtain the blueprint. If you’re going to do this, I suggest making a list and crossing off locations visited so you can narrow down your search as you open boxes.

Original Story

Revolving around obtaining 16 free items from different locations, players are supposed to unlock the Pumpkin Punisher blueprint once every item has been acquired. However, many players suffered from a bug that caused the blueprint to remain unavailable, despite completing the trick or treat hunt. Unsurprisingly, people took to social media, posting about this issue on Twitter and the official Call of Duty subreddit. Curiously, this bug is not entirely widespread as many others in the community have unlocked this blueprint with no issues.

At the time of writing this, there has been no word from the developers about the bug, however, we do suspect this problem to be resolved before the event concludes. Infinity Ward has a generally solid history of patching bugs within a few days of their discovery, such as the FAMAS shotgun attachment that shattered the balance of the game. You will know if you have this bug after obtaining all 16 free rewards, as the Pumpkin Punisher should unlock when you return to the Halloween event tab. If it doesn’t, then you will need to wait until Infinity Ward can deploy a patch to fix this issue.

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For the unfamiliar, you obtain this weapon by visiting 16 different points of interest across the map. Opening any tier supply box in the designated areas has a chance to reward you with a free cosmetic tied to that location. So if you open it and the box sprays confetti everywhere, congratulations you’ve earned a neat Halloween reward. Inversely, the box could trick you and deliver an audio and visual jumpscare that is very, very loud. Additionally, if someone in your squad finds a reward only they will receive that item. It is not given to the entire team, regardless of how close you are. If you want all 16 items, be prepared to hunt for them yourself.

As for the Pumpkin Punisher, it’s a generally solid Grau blueprint for Warzone. While you might want to ditch the stock for a Monolithic Suppressor, it’s a solid assault rifle. Even following the Grau’s damage range nerf, this is still a great weapon for those who are sick to death of the KILO. Plus, it just looks really cool without going too overboard with the Halloween aesthetic.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Haunting of Verdansk event is now live on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.