Chex Quest Returns as Chex Quest HD, a Fully Polygonal Remake

We have to go back to Bazoik, Kate.

Today, April 14, is my 33rd birthday. (Better luck next year, Satan!) You can do the math yourself to find out when I was born, but it may be more pertinent for you to know that I was exactly nine (9) years old when Chex Quest was discovered inside cereal boxes across the nation, lo those many moons ago in the halcyon days of 1996.

This placed me smack dab in the middle of Chex Quest‘s target demographic, and being the malleable, squishy young consumer that I was, I ate up every once of that goofy thing. It also didn’t hurt that Chex Quest was actually just a reskin of Doom (1995’s The Ultimate Doom, to be precise), and was therefor an objectively good game in addition to being one of the most brilliant marketing ploys of the decade.

And as though it were announced specifically for my birthday, today it came to light that Chex Quest is being rebuilt and re-released sometime this summer, as Chex Quest HD. Though the name implies an up-scaled rerelease, Chex Quest HD appears to be a complete ground-up remake of the original, developed by a shadowy cabal known only as “Team Chex Quest HD,” as well as the marginally less shadowy cabal at Flight School Studio, which you might remember as the team behind Creature in the Well.

Unlike the original Chex Quest, which used flat sprites in a 3D space in traditional Doom fashion, Chex Quest HD appears to be fully polygonal, at least based on the screenshots appearing on the game’s Steam listing. In addition to the protagonist from the original game, cereal aficionados will also be able to unlock five new characters, though no information has been given about what that means in terms of gameplay, if anything. Chex Quest HD also adds multiplayer, though strictly of the split-screen, local co-op variety.

We don’t know how much this thing is going to cost when it comes out, but if it’s more than the going rate for a box of Chex, somebody screwed up. And as excited as I am to play through Chex Quest again, I’m not super hot on these graphics, y’all. Chex Quest‘s goofy slimeball sprites were such a huge part of the charm of the original, and while this new look is fine, I can’t help but feel like some of the soul is missing. Of course, it’s a little early to render full judgement considering that we haven’t even seen the game in motion yet — these screenshots might not even correlate to a functioning executable at this point.

It’s also worth pointing out that, aside from the use of the original Chex Quest logo on the title screen, everything else has Chex Mix branding on it, rather than Chex cereal branding. If there is some kind of retail tie-in for Chex Quest HD (and since the title screen has a “redeem code” field, that seems likely), it might be of the Bold Party variety, rather than the Saturday morning kind.