What’s Holding Captain America’s Shield in His Shirtless Avengers Skin?

Magnets? An invisible harness? Who can say?

Crystal Dynamics and Marvel, I have a question about a new skin you’ve added to Marvel’s Avengers. Specifically, the one pictured above. Captain America’s “American Dream Outfit” lets the hero show off what he’s working with, and I am not complaining about the view. Still, it does raise one question: what is keeping Steve Rogers’ iconic shield on his back if there’s nothing there for it to strap/clip/hold on to?

At first, this didn’t really even occur to me until I saw the skin in motion through a tweet, as Captain America straight up puts the shield on his naked back like it was nothing, and the animation just kind of putting it there made it more apparent. So I decided to ask Twitter what they thought and have gotten some insightful responses.

But the most frequent answer was the one that had been staring us all in the face this entire time: Captain America’s weapon is being propped up by America’s Ass itself. Steve Rogers’ cheeked-up posterior is really doing the most in keeping that shield where it belongs. Given that there doesn’t seem to be any harness or strap attached to our hero, there can be no other explanation.

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The American Dream Outfit is coming to Marvel’s Avengers today as part of its latest update, and the game also includes cosmetics inspired by the Black Widow film that is in theaters now, as well as on Disney+ with Premier Access (which means you have to buy it and also be subscribed to the service). The update also brings back the Red Room Takeover Event, which will run from July 8 to July 22.

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