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Capcom Fighting Collection Pre-Order Bonuses Include Pictures, Sounds

After years of psychically begging Capcom to make the Darkstalkers games playable on modern hardware, they finally went and announced they were doing it recently, in the form of the Capcom Fighting Collection. They’ve just released a new pre-order trailer for the project, which details the bonuses you’ll get for ordering the collection in advance — 18 “special music tracks” and “additional artwork.” However, small print also notes that you’ll be able to get these bonuses for a limited time after the game’s launch. According to the Steam page for the collection, the exclusive art by Chisato Mita, Yuri Kataiwa, Ryuji Higurashi, Tamio, and SAKUTAMO, as well as the remixed tracks by artists like CAP-JAMS and Matt Cab, will be available to anyone who purchases Capcom Fighting Collection before the end of September of this year.

If you’re not sure what the Capcom Fighting Collection is all about, it’s a selection of the developer’s one-on-one fighting games that aren’t Street Fighter. I mean, there are a few Street Fighter titles in here, as mandated by law, but mostly this is a Darkstalkers collection under a more general name to attract a wider audience who might never have played the games before. The Darkstalkers series introduced a lot of mechanical elements which became common in later Street Fighter games — but more importantly, it’s sick as hell. Imagine if all of the Universal Monsters got turned into cartoons and fought each other and you’ve got the picture. Each of the characters in these games is so well-animated, and players who might only know the, uh, hornier stars who’ve gotten continued exposure after the series went to sleep will encounter a whole range of charming, goofy-looking weirdos in them. You can make a mummy fight a yeti! What more do you want?

In addition to the Darkstalkers games, Capcom Fighting Collection also includes Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness, a mech fighting game that’s a spinoff of Capcom’s earlier beat-em-up Armored Warriors. The most important thing to know about Cyberbots is that it has a character named Princess Devilotte de Deathsatan IX. There’s also Red Earth, a fantasy-themed fighter which has never previously been ported to a console.

It remains to be seen if the games included with the Capcom Fighting Collection find new life among fighting game enthusiasts, but I’m just happy to be able to play them again. I’m also glad that Capcom seems to be including an extensive museum feature, which includes concept art and music from the included titles. Hopefully this material will go deeper than surface-level stuff and maybe showcase old ads, arcade copy, and other things that you might not be able to easily find online. Show me the initial sketches

Capcom Fighting Collection comes out June 24. Preorders are now up on the Switch eShop as well as all other platforms, and the game will be available in a physical edition as well. And who knows? Maybe if it does well enough, Capcom will make a new Darkstalkers game? I mean, probably not, but hey.

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