Bungie is Making Big Changes to Craftable Weapons in Destiny 2

A new State of the Game blog post for Destiny 2 has just dropped and it highlights a bunch of significant changes coming to the game throughout the year. Along with changes to seasonal rewards, an exotic mission rotator, and tuning the challenge of the game, there are going to be some substantial alterations coming to weapon crafting. Along with the removal of Resonant Elements, Bungie is also looking to make random rolled weapons more meaningful and reduce the number of craftable weapons in Destiny 2.

Since their introduction last year, weapon crafting has taken over the game’s meta due to the sheer potency of enhanced perks. To combat this, players can enhance certain non-craftable weapons such as those earned in Master raids. Enhancing a gun means the random rolled weapon can begin leveling up, use mementos, and gain access to enhanced perks. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you can change the perks of an enhanced gun. If I snag an Adept raid weapon with Triple Tap and Firing Line, I can only get enhanced versions of those perks on that gun.

Additionally, Bungie will be reducing the number of craftable weapons coming to Destiny 2. This is to make randomly rolled weapons more desirable, as many players have noted that they currently feel pointless when compared to crafted guns. To reduce confusion, Bungie will also ensure that now Deepsight (red-boarder) weapon will drop unless it’s craftable.  So you won’t need to worry about getting a bunch of Deepight variants of guns that you cannot do anything with.

These changes are set to go live when Lightfall Raid Adepts become available. This will be when Season of the Deep launches, which is going to be after the Season of Defiance which is tied to the Lightfall expansion. Finally, Bungie is looking to add “a mechanism to activate Deepsight” for craftable weapons you don’t have the pattern for.

Destiny 2 Lightfall is set to launch on February 28th for all available platforms.