Bungie Details Their New Loadout System Coming to Destiny 2 Lightfall

Buildcrafters rejoice, Bungie has finally pulled the curtain back and revealed new details about Destiny 2’s upcoming loadout system. As detailed in a blog post released earlier today, this new feature allows users to change all their mods, armor, and weapons without ever having to open another third-party application. Perhaps one of the most requested features since Destiny 2 launched, Bungie is clearly aiming to deliver a simple, eloquent solution for those who prefer to have multiple builds for their Guardians.

To start, players will be able to have a total of ten different loadouts per character. However, all of these will not be unlocked when the upcoming Lightfall expansion releases. Instead, users will need to gradually unlock them as they progress through the new Guardian Ranks system. Doing so will give users more access to loadouts, allowing them to save more unique Guardian builds.  You can also pick from an assortment of unique icons and colors to help designate which build is which. There’s no information on if we will need to unlock these icons or if they’re simply tied to the various emblems we wear.

One thing we don’t know is if our loadout can be changed anywhere or if this is something that only works in orbit. Given that other third-party loadout systems only work while the player is in orbit or in social spaces like the H.E.L.M., it would be a huge benefit if Bungie allowed users to change their entire gear on the fly.

Destiny 2 Loadouts

Enhancing the character-building aspect of Destiny, Bungie is also introducing several changes to how mods work. You can read more about this in detail here, but these alterations are designed to make mods more accessible and easier to use. Things such as Mod Energy types (Void, Solar, Stasis, and Arc) are being removed entirely, while other mods are having their Energy costs reduced. Artifact mods are also becoming unlockable perks, so if you unlock an Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle Champion perk it will be active for all guns tied to that archetype.

Players can expect all of these changes to go live when Lightfall launches on February 28th.