Bugsnax and Other Stuff, Probably, Shown During Today’s State of Play

About 40 minutes of third-party PlayStation games coming within the next few months.

Sony hosted another State of Play presentation today, and at the outset, it was confirmed that this will be all about third-party games on PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, with the occasional PlayStation 5 announcement. So let’s all keep that in mind and be chill as we dive into everything they showed. Agreed? Cool. Let’s get to it.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

First up was Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, which got a new trailer, including a showcase of some of the new features like wall running and rope swinging, which adds new dimensions to the series’ classic platforming. Developers Toys for Bob reiterated that there wouldn’t be any microtransactions for various skins you can unlock. Along with all of the above, Toys for Bob confirmed that Dingodile, a recurring villain in the series, will be playable alongside Crash, Coco, and Dr. Cortex.

Hitman 3

Second was Hitman 3, with developer IO Interactive showing off a brief look at a new PlayStation VR mode that will allow you to play the entire thing, as well as the first two games, from first person. You know, if you feel up to doing violent assassinations from a first person perspective.

Braid: Anniversary Edition

13 years after the time-manipulating puzzle platformer launched, Braid is coming to modern systems as Braid: Anniversary Edition. Along with some updated aesthetics, the updated version of the game will feature developer commentary when it launches in 2021.

The Pathless

Next up we got a new look at The Pathless, which was confirmed earlier this year to be coming to PlayStation 5, as well as PlayStation 4, PC, and the Apple Arcade later this year.

Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2’s State of Play spotlight focused much on the multiplayer and social aspects of the sequel, none of which was present in the original game when it launched in 2008, But it was added when it was remade five years later. Spelunky 2 is coming out pretty soon, too. Be on the lookout for it on September 15.

Genshin Impact

After Spelunky 2 was a quick trailer for the upcoming RPG Genshin Impact, which will come to PlayStation 4 worldwide this fall.

Aeon Must Die

Update: A trailer for Aeon Must Die was shown, but as it turns out, the entirety of the Aeon Must Die dev team left the studio due to poor working conditions (including “crunch, harassment, abuse, corruption, and manipulation”) and lack of payments. The trailer that was presented during the State of Play showcase was outsourced, and the team that left has created a Dropbox account that lays out what happened. We’ll have a more extensive write-up on the situation soon.

Anno Mutationem

An action-driven sidescroller, Anno Mutationem is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this December.


Next up is the ever lovable Bugsnax. Which included a more holistic view of the game than we’ve previously seen. There’s some photo taking and some documenting of various Bugsnax that are hanging around. From the looks of it, not every Bugsnax is going to be happy to see you, as the trailer ends implying that there will be dangerous edible creatures hanging around.

Vader Immortal

On the VR side, if you’re a Star Wars fan I’m sure you’ll be stoked to see that a real VR Jedi simulator is coming in the form of Vader Immortal, which will launch on PlayStation VR on August 25 and lets you play with lightsabers and the Force and all that other stuff Star Wars fans like.


Control is getting another DLC that ties into Remedy’s Alan Wake series titled “AWE,” and it looks like it’s leaning into the spookier side of the action adventure game based on the brief trailer we got.

Auto Chess

Auto Chess is coming to PlayStation 4 on Halloween day.

The Pedestrian

If you ever wanted a game that’s basically A Link Between Worlds‘ walking on walls sections, The Pedestrian seems to be exactly that, but in a more realistic setting than Hyrule as you navigate through a world exclusively through its signage and drawings. It’s coming to PS4 on January of next year.

Hood Outlaws & Legends

Hood: Outlaws & Legends was revealed through a cinematic trailer, followed by a few brief gameplay shots that make it look like a cooperative fantasy heist game of some sort. It’s coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in 2021.


The Pokemon-like Temtem is coming to PlayStation in 2021. It’s a relatively known quantity at this point, but if you’ve been looking for something to scratch that Pokemon itch and you don’t own a Nintendo console, it’s supposed to be pretty good.


Counterplay Games and Gearbox showed off more of the “looter slasher” Godfall, which was actually the first game we ever saw confirmed as a PlayStation 5 game during the Video Game Awards last year. The company says that there won’t be microtransactions or waiting for content right out the gate, so it’s at least eschewing some of the pitfalls that push people away from some live service games. There’s also a walkthrough of different abilities and classes that you can check out above.

And that was it. There was a pretty good variety of games and we knew there would be no big updates from Sony on the PlayStation 5, so we can all be totally chill about what we saw today.