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Bryce Dallas Howard and Seth Gabel Will Play the Starring Roles in Maquette

The game will launch next month.

Publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Graceful Decay have announced the upcoming recursive puzzle game Maquette will have a pretty high profile duo voicing its main characters: Hollywood actors and husband and wife Seth Gabel and Bryce Dallas Howard.

The two will be voicing a man and a woman who meet and discuss their mutual love of art, which creates a stage for Maquette’s repeating environments. As the two’s relationship becomes strained, the art changes, thus so do the environments. The trailer also comes with a release date, which confirms Maquette will launch on PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 on March 2.

“I’ve been wanting to get more involved in video games for years because games do something in storytelling that movies and literature don’t: they encourage people to play an active role in the story,” Howard says in the announcement. “So when I was offered the chance to work with Annapurna on Maquette, I was very excited to dive into this immersive emotional experience. What I love about this game is that, even though our voices are guiding you through the narrative, you’re still the one that needs to figure out how to solve the puzzles in order to finish the story. And because the game is recursive, there are infinite possibilities as to how the pieces come together.”

Howard’s notable recent credits include the Jurassic World series and her role in the Black Mirror episode “Nosedive.” Gabel is known for his work in the Arrow television series as recurring villain Count Vertigo, and apparently played Jeffrey Dahmer in American Horror Story: Hotel. I stopped watching that show an episode in and I guess I didn’t know the directions it would go until looking up information for this article.

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Maquette isn’t the only game in Annapurna Interactive’s catalog this year that will include some big time Hollywood actors in it. 12 Minutes, an adventure game about characters being caught in a time loop, stars X-Men actor James McAvoy, Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley, and Spider-Man’s Willem Dafoe. Before that, Telling Lies, the spiritual successor to Her Story, starred Upgrade’s Logan Marshall-Green and Love Simon’s Alexandra Shipp.

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