Boyfriend Dungeon’s Free Secret Weapons DLC is Live Now

New dates, new dungeons, new tunes.

Kitfox has announced Boyfriend Dungeon’s free DLC update called Secret Weapons is out today, August 17.

The add-on brings three new dating options to the dungeon crawler/dating sim mash-up, in which your prospective suitors can change form into a weapon to use within the game’s dungeons. The new characters include Leah, who can transform into a hammer, Jonah, who the player can wield as an axe, and Dr. Holmes, who shapeshifts into a whip and was designed by Ikumi Nakamura, the CEO and creative director of Unseen Inc. also known for her work at Tango Gameworks on games like The Evil Within series. Nakamura’s character will function as both a dating option and a boss character.

Check out the launch trailer below:

New dating options are fine and well, and I’m looking forward to seeing these new romantic routes, but I’m also glad to see the Secret Weapons DLC is bringing more “dungeon” to Boyfriend Dungeon, as that was the side of things I’d felt like I was missing when I reviewed the game last year. There was a lot to love in the romance and writing, but when there were only two dungeons, the end of that plotline and side of the game felt pretty abrupt. So I’ll be taking Jonah the axe down to a new Dunj tonight, I think.

On top of all this, Boyfriend Dungeon’s free update is getting three new songs from composer Marskye and vocalist Madeleine McQueen, which, even with a great dating sim and fun dungeon crawling, remains my favorite part of Kitfox’s genre mash-up. The music for Boyfriend Dungeon is a perfect pop album that I’m still listening to a year removed. These songs are available on streaming services today.

As the game passes its first anniversary, we talked with Kitfox and other indie devs about what they learned from Boyfriend Dungeon’s content warning controversy, and how it helped to inform developers on how to best handle content warnings in their own games.