Borderlands 3 February Patch Brings Level Cap Raise, Endgame Tweaks

In a "Community Love Letter," Gearbox announced a barrage of quality-of-life and game mode changes coming in a February patch.

We’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of Borderlands 3’s announcement, which was awkwardly executed at PAX East 2019 in late March. Since then, players dove into the worlds and lore of the fan-favorite franchise. Now, five months later, it looks like Gearbox isn’t done delivering the experience. Borderlands 3 is getting a patch in February that includes plenty of changes to the game.

Through a “Community Love Letter” — fitting for the month — Gearbox announce all the little tweaks coming in February, plus some of the ones coming in March. The patch drops on Thursday, February 13th. Of course, given Valentine’s Day is the next day, there’ll be a corresponding event called the “Broken Hearts Day” event.

Other than the event’s finer details, here are the major changes you need to know.

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Level Cap Raise

Great news for all — level cap increases are free forever! In this case, the increase is from level 50 to 53. For players at this point in their endgame grind, this means a few more potential skills to earn and play around with.

There are no catches to these level cap raises — it’s all dandy good news! Unless you really want to grind more than three high-number levels at a time, in which case, by all means, demand more now. But practically, let’s keep it fair for everyone who doesn’t have time to grind.

Game Mode Changes

Obviously, with it being Valentine’s Day, there’s going to be a Valentine’s Day game mode. The event, called “Broken Hearts’ Day,” asks you to shoot down some hearts floating around the worlds as you go about your business. With more hearts, you’ll get neater prizes. And if it’s not something you love, you can toggle this event off.

But that’s not the only game mode Gearbox is sprucing up. In this patch, Takedown Mode get tweaks this week to allow more challenging experiences for end-game players. For the Takedown Mode changes, for example, Gearbox warns players not to get discouraged after dying a few times.

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“True Takedown Mode delivers the extreme difficulty we always intended for Takedown content by tuning the experience for a full party of four decked-out Vault Hunters,” the blog reads. “Remember, this is meant to be some of the most challenging content in all of Borderlands 3, so don’t get discouraged if your team keeps getting wrecked in True Takedown Mode when it goes live in the February patch.”

Gearbox also promises changes to Mayhem 2.0 and Fight For Your Life for next month’s patch. Endgame players may just have to keep their eyes out!

Quality of Life and Gameplay

We don’t know what exactly of balance and gameplay changes are coming in Borderlands 3’s February patch. However, we do know that Gearbox plans on a few major quality-of-life changes that’ll please plenty of players.

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For one, you can skip cutscenes! It’s definitely a welcome change for players who grind up multiple characters. The skips can happen regardless of whether you’ve played the scene or mission.

Guardian Rank perks can also be toggled in this patch. If you want a more “vanilla leveling experience,” as Gearbox calls it, you can turn the whole system off. If just one feat cramps your style, individual toggling will be available, too.

Both of those changes come in the February patch. For the future, Gearbox does promise “performance and stability” updates. Again, we don’t know what exactly these are, and they aren’t coming anytime soon. Gearbox does share that it comes with “the second campaign add-on,” which is going to announced at the PAX East panel on the 27th. So… probably not for a while.