Bioware Hinting at Dragon Age Announcements in December

If you ain't talking Dorian Pavus I don't want to talk

It’s been nearly a year since Bioware announced the next installment in the Dragon Age series at The Game Awards last December, but it looks like the studio is planning to break its silence next month.

Today, November 3, is the ten year anniversary of Dragon Age: Origins, the game that started it all back in 2009. To commemorate the occasion the official Bioware Twitter account posted a message hinting at something nebulous it would be unveiling on December 4, the day the studio and community has apparently dubbed “Dragon 4ge Day.”

Dropping announcements on community days is in keeping with Bioware tradition, as it typically has released trailers and other content on November 7, or N7 Day, for Mass Effect, the studio’s other major tent-pole franchise. Admittedly, recent years haven’t been too lively for N7 Day, considering Bioware doesn’t seem to have a new game in the series coming any time soon, but with the next Dragon Age in active development, the team might have something more substantial to put out into the world.

But guessing what Bioware might even be willing to show at this point is tough, because right now the future of Dragon Age is shrouded in mystery. Very little is known about what this upcoming Dragon Age project entails beyond that it will feature Solas, the party member and also surprise villain from 2014’s Dragon Age: Inquisition. Solas’ voice was used in the short teaser trailer shown at the reveal, along with some imagery that beckons to Dragon Age’s past. It’s worth noting that while the teaser confirmed the game is in development, it didn’t even confirm a name, and is often referred to by its promotional tag #TheDreadWolfRises on social media by developers and fans alike.

Recent reports have the fourth Dragon Age set to launch somewhere around 2022, which will be a full eight years after Inquisition’s launch at minimum. Right now Bioware is committed to working on Anthem, a game with a lot of problems and in dire need of a major upheaval, if it can even be salvaged given the long time frame and the fact that its sales price has already plummeted in just under a year.

Given the very nature of Anthem as a live service game, supporting it seems like the noble thing to do, but Bioware’s slow shift into these types of projects means there’s a chance whatever Dragon Age does next might also end up being a service game as well. Some might be down for that, others might not be too happy to see the story continued in a game unrecognizable from where the series started.

If nothing else, we can hope to see some returning favorite friends and frienemies, whether they’re from Inquisition, from which #TheDreadWolfRises appears to be keeping some kind of continuity, or maybe we’ll even see some old faces from games like the criminally underrated Dragon Age II.

And also maybe get into some new relationships or rekindle old ones? As the Inquisitor? The thematically appropriate protagonist of a game featuring Solas as the main villain? And not some no name new person who shows up to remove all agency of the people with who this conflict began?